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I remember this time in Italy that I will never forget. It was in this tiny little town called Riomaggiore that was part of Cinqa Terra, which is this network of 5 little towns on the coast linked together. The only way you can get from one to the other was through trails that curved around the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was beautiful. The towns were not. They were dirty with trash lying everywhere, spray-paint littering every wall. But it couldn't have mattered less. Anyways, I remember waking up in the middle of the night, about 1 in the morning in this house we got a room in from this insanely fast speaking Italian Grandma, and decided to go on a walk. When I got to the street and walked around alittle bit, I had the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life. In all sense of the word, I was completely peaceful. This wasn't the Friday night in the States where in a major city, people would be stumbling out from bars and college kids drunkly barhopping. But the funny thing is, the scene here was even more lively! Children were on the streets (which are so tiny) playing soccer throughout all the passageways of the town. On the bench leaning the buildings, old men who were dressed as fancy as mafia hitmen would sit there and smile as they watched their grandson score a goal. All the while, music is blaring everywhere, not too loud, but just right. Couples are strolling around, Gilato in their hand, taking a romantic hike down to the ocean's beach. Above my head, I'd see old Italian women rambling off in fast Italian to the women across the street on the second story, as they pinned their clothes out to dry. I can't describe it in words really though. I have never felt so good and yet be so far from everything I knew...this was the life. And sometimes I wish I never went on that walk because I would have never known what it was like, how wonderful it was, because now I want that life. Maybe someday, I don't know.

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photo by: Grpablo