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National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh

Well, here it is a year later, and I'm finally getting around to my entries. We'll see how much I can remember. I'm feeling nostalgic about my travels of last summer, and have been for quite some time now. I regret not taking more time at the end of my trip to update my blog, so of course, these memories will not be entirely fresh and lively.

I distinctly remember this day as being the day of the cranky. I woke up so, mistakenly believing myself finally not jet lagged anymore. Caroline was up and off to work early, and that left just Ronnie and I in the flat. Caroline's flatmate Ronnie is very, very nice, and always looking out for others. Unfortunately, when I'm in a bitchy mood, I don't want anyone looking out for me, I just want to be left alone until I'm done being bitchy. And it usually stops faster if left alone, funny enough! (ask my Mom what talking to me too much in the morning before I'm awake does for my mood! Hahaha.

view of the old city, from the Gallery Square
) Ronnie could sense I was in a mood, and unfortunately didn't know enough to give me my space. This day was a get up and go into Edinburgh day again, and my plan was to walk myself to the train station. Ronnie decided to accompany me, since he was off somewhere, and so I had to make conversation when I really, really didn't feel like it. We finally parted ways at Uphall, and I was both cranky for the reasons mentioned above, but also feeling badly for being mean to Ronnie, so I stewed about it the whole train ride into town instead of just letting it go.

Upon arrival in the city, it had become apparent that I had over-dressed for the day's heat.

It was muggy, and I hadn't worn enough layers to shed. Up the crankiness to the nth degree. I hoofed it up from the train station to the Royal Mile, getting warmer and warmer, because of course I just can't saunter, I have to power-walk everywhere ;) I had wanted to break out of my Starbucks habit, given that I think Starbucks is mostly bleh, but I just wasn't in the mood to go looking for something local and funky so I ended up back there, nearly in tears at this point. I ordered m'self a drink, and then sat down and hauled my journal out, and spent an hour just writing.

Once that episode was over, I felt ready to re-emerge and interact with people again, though the day's activities would remain quite solitary. I explored the art gallery, and spent quite a bit of time in there wandering around in the quiet, listening to others' hushed conversations.

I remember being quite happy when I found the impressionist works upstairs, this being my favorite period in art history. By the time I got out of the gallery, it really was too late to do anything else. I hung around catching some sun in the square outside the gallery, observing people in  Princes Street Park down below, before heading back home to meet Caroline after her shift at work. One thing I tried to do in various places in the UK was just hang out -- museums and castles and art galleries are fabulous, but there's nothing quite like people watching, and I spent a great deal of time in Edinburgh and in London doing just that. (But for some reason didn't feel like taking many pictures on this day!)

It wasn't a late night, because I was off to the Lake District in England very early the next morning...

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National Gallery of Scotland, Edin…
National Gallery of Scotland, Edi…
view of the old city, from the Gal…
view of the old city, from the Ga…
photo by: vances