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Really Tasty fried rice with chicken
Well, we didn’t go to Ayutthaya today.  Miles had a late night last night and we got too late of a start for it to be worth it.  Instead we went to Chatuchak Market which many consider the world’s largest flea market.  On the north side of Bangkok just south of Chatuchak Park, the market covers a huge area.  There are several main roads through the market, but the majority of the goods are located inside these covered areas and the fun is in roving through the small pathways and passing an interesting array of goods.  We say everything from chopstick sets, to clothing, to art, to plastic toys, and even pets. 


We stopped for lunch at one of the many food vendors and had a delicious fried rice dish with fried chicken on top.

View of one of the Markets busy main streets
  The spices they use in the fried rice are spicy but good.  After that we continued to walk around the market for a while.  The range of goods was so diverse its actually kind of hard to explain.  The market is ostensibly sectioned off by product, but inside the sections there really doesn’t seem to be much of a pattern or organization to it. 


The market is extremely crowded as well, filled with both tourists and locals wandering the alleyways.  After several hours, it was getting really hot, so we decided to find something to do inside.  Since Die Hard 4.0 is out here now, we headed into the Siam area to see it.  We bought our tickets, but the movie didn’t start for about an hour, so we decided to check out the electronics showcase that was going on nearby.

Inside one of the market stalls areas
  For anybody who loves high tech toys, the showcase was great, so I loved it.  They had all of the newest HD TVs, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, and more.  John and I even got to play with a Wii they had set up on one of the big TVs in the LG section. 


Once it was time for the movie we went and found our seats.  They have assigned seating so it wasn’t a problem waiting until the last minute.  Our tickets cost 160 Baht (about $5) and the theaters were as nice as any I have seen in the U.S.   They do show a TON of commercials before the movie starts though, even more than in the U.S.  The movie probably didn’t start for about 20 minutes after the show was scheduled to start.

The tower is in the center of the market, but we never even came close to seeing all of the market
  Another interesting thing is that before every movie they honor the King and everyone stands while they play a video montage about Thailand with the national anthem.   We enjoyed the movie, John  is back! 


After the movie, Miles and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant in the food court of the mall where I had a plate with Pork Satay on noodles, with a pork dumpling, soup, and apple strudel.  The dumplings and Satay were delicious.  The apple strudel was ok, they even used vanilla sauce which was tasty. 


After that I went and saw Transformers (I really love the fact that first run movies, in great theaters are less than $5) and headed home.

Rambutans and Lychee galore, but no Mangosteens
  Getting home was interesting.  My books all said that the skytrain and Metro stop running at midnight, it seems that this is not 100% accurate because the Metro was closed when I tried to take it around 11:30pm, so I had to take a cab.  This wasn’t the end of the world because even though I live a ways out of the city center, cabs are much less expensive than in the States.  I grabbed a cab, told him where I was headed and he seemed to understand me just fine and off we went.  Apparently, he did not understand me because when he stopped and let me out and said that my stop was just up ahead on the right, I was actually no where near where I wanted to be. I had to take another cab to finally get home.  Even though I had to take two cabs and traveled quite a long way, it still only cost me about $3.50, I love that exchange rate!

nooker72 says:
I had a map with my apartment building on it, but I guess that wasn't enough for the first cab driver. The second had no problem and didn't even need the map.
Posted on: Jul 10, 2007
mom0104 says:
Thanks for adding the text today. Seems you packed a lot of activity into one day! What a grand safe! Would it help to write out your address and hand it to the cabbies?
Posted on: Jul 09, 2007
mom0104 says:
Great photos---I feel like I'm in Bangkok too!
Posted on: Jul 07, 2007
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Really Tasty fried rice with chick…
Really Tasty fried rice with chic…
View of one of the Markets busy ma…
View of one of the Markets busy m…
Inside one of the market stalls ar…
Inside one of the market stalls a…
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The tower is in the center of the…
Rambutans and Lychee galore, but n…
Rambutans and Lychee galore, but …
One of the many food vendors
One of the many food vendors
Miles was suspicious but it was de…
Miles was suspicious but it was d…
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