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The red stuff is their special sauce, even though it looks like raw meat.

After work tonight, I met up with John and an attorney from his office to attend a networking event put on by the American Chamber of Commerce.  John and I weren’t really looking to network, but we figured it would be fun to meet some of the other expats in Bangkok so we went.  The event was at a club called “Superfly” and it had the biggest disco ball I have ever seen in the center of the club.  It was humorously big.  We talked with some of the other people there, but it was really loud with the music that was playing.  Had a couple beers and then several of the people there were going out to get some food, so John, the other attorney and I decided to go along. 


We went to this Japanese Hamburger place in Central World Mall called Mos Burgers.  I had never heard of them, but some people said they were good and I was starving so it was an easy decision.  Looking at the menu was interesting.  From the pictures, it looked like they made their burgers by taking a cooked patty and putting an uncooked patty on top of it.  This was a little disturbing, but hey its Bangkok.  When the burgers actually came it turned out that it wasn’t raw meat, but actually Mos Burger’s special sauce.  The burger wasn’t bad and since I was really hungry it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.  After that, the attorney dropped John and I off at a metro stop and we headed back to our apartments. 

mom0104 says:
Now that's not your average big mac
Posted on: Jul 14, 2007
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The red stuff is their special sau…
The red stuff is their special sa…
photo by: Deats