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Today was my first day of work.  The rush hour commute was crazy as they really pack into the skytrain cars.  Also, it was really hot and humid out this morning, probably the worst its been since I got here, but I made it to the office just fine.

 After filling out lots of paperwork, I talked with the Australian partner for a while and he gave me some work to do on a Shareholder’s Agreement and an Agency Contract.  I went to lunch with a Thai trainee named Niu (not sure if this is spelled correctly).  One thing that will take a little getting used to is that in Thailand, they use first names instead of last names, so the partner I am working for right now is Mr. Paul, instead of Mr. Connelly as it would be in the U.S.   Overall, things went pretty well.

After work, I met John for dinner near his metro station and we walked to a Taiwanese restaurant up the street.  This was an interesting meal.  Not because the food was weird; the food was actually pretty good (I had a seafood and grass noodle dish and John had a marinated pork dish), but because we were the only two people in the restaurant except for the 5 waitresses who spent the entire meal staring at us and apparently watching us pretty closely, because at one point one of them decided that I was having some trouble eating the noodles with chopsticks and decided to bring me a fork and spoon.  I felt I was managing pretty well (despite my personal opinion that chopsticks work better for pieces of meat and vegetables, or if the noodles are in a bowl so you can shovel them into your mouth, than for noodles off a plate), but I guess I was wrong. 

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photo by: Deats