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Tonight after dinner I got ice cream from a place called Amaltery.  They serve what they call adult ice cream, meaning that most of their flavors have a 5% alcohol content.  All of the flavors are named after the cocktail that the ice cream is flavored like.  They have a wide assortment everything from Brandy Alexander, to Mohito, to White Russian.  I tried a couple flavors and must say it was pretty good.

After the alcoholic ice cream, I went to see the Bourne Ultimatum at one of the theaters here in Bangkok.  If you have read my previous entries detailing Bangkok theaters, you know that for regular theaters, the prices are great and the quality of the theaters is excellent.  Tonight, however I decided to splurge and see it at one of the specialty "first class" theaters.  The ticket was much more expensive than a regular movie here in Bangkok (700 Baht vs about 150 Baht), but I figured it would be worth it to see what you get for the extra money. 

After purchasing my ticket and choosing my seat, I was told that the first class lounge was open for an hour before the show.  So I decided to check that out.  I took a seat inside the lounge and was promptly brought a cocktail (non-alcoholic) and asked what kind of popcorn and drink I would like during the movie.  This particular theater didn't have the cheese flavor I have come to love (though it did have barbecue) so I simply ordered salty, and a coke.  In the center of the lounge was a buffet with hoers d'oeuvres on it ranging from sushi to cheese cake.  I helped myself to a couple and enjoyed the free food and drinks until they told me the movie was about to start.  Then I went to the theater and found my seat. 

The seats were electric powered recliners that were extremely comfortable.  The attendants brought me a blanket and said that my popcorn and soda would arrive shortly after the movie began.  Overall it was a pretty sweet setup.  The movie was pretty decent and the popcorn arrived about 10 minutes in.  It's not something I would do every time I went to the movies, but it would be fun every once and a while.  Especially since the total cost was around $20, which is about what it costs to see a movie with popcorn and soda at a regular theater back home. 


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