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My days off was a blast.  I went to a music festival (Sasquatch!) in Washington State with a gaggle of friends in a rented minivan (we were the coolest girls there!)  It was awesomely spectacular.  And other things, visiting parents, etc. 

On my way in my plane was delayed in Beijing for 14 hours.  It was really unfortunate as they didn’t give us any hint as to how long we were going to be delayed.  If they had I could have gone to Tiananmen Square.  It was also unfortunate as I arrived at the hotel in Ulaanbaatar at 2am, only to have to leave for my plane to Choibalsan at 4:20am.  If it had been delayed just a couple hours longer I would have missed my flight to Choibalsan and would have been able to stay in Ulaanbaatar until Saturday and would have been able to do some sightseeing.  So close!  Though I guess that’s what I get for travelling on 6/6/6.  I met a cool Dutch guy while waiting in the airport.  We watched South Park on my ipod to pass the time.  He’s in Beijing teaching English and picked up a surprising amount of Chinese.  People generally don’t even try to learn Chinese.  He had to leave the country to renew his visa, so he decided to spend a couple weeks in Mongolia.  So now I can read the characters for China and Beijing, though I can’t even come close to writing them.  Though the first character of the word for China is also the first character of the word for Starbucks medium so maybe I’ll remember that one!  Ah Starbucks, you’ll unite the world yet!  I also find Europeans really don’t appreciate it when you say something like, I’m ¼ Dutch-Irish.  Its really North American to break down your roots like that.  It means nothing to them. 

Found a downside to living in a ger.  When it rains they smell like horse.  Don’t want to know why.  The weather has been awfully Vancouverish here. Boroo – rain. 

Mongolian lesson for the week: the word for remember and the word for miss are the same, sanah, it most closely translates to recall.  Bi chamd sanahj bna.  I miss you.

Other than that things have been dreadfully dull at the mine.  The manager and his wife are leaving (whether they quit or were fired depends on what way you look at it) and don’t seem to want to deal with me anymore, so I’m pretty much just sitting around listening to music.  But its okay as that’ll change pretty soon (and they keep paying me).  And I’m still valued for my coffee making skills.  The whole time I was gone not one person saw fit to make one pot of coffee.  Its really not that hard…

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photo by: cltaylor56