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Hola de Costa Rica!
Some of you have survived Spain and Mexico with me thus is ¨just a crazy day in Zoya´s life¨ episode. Here I am writing you from Central America.
All this started on a boredom filled Sunday evening. Never leave a girl alone with Craigslist.  I thought about my plans for the summer and decided Costa Rica was were I was heading. I found a neat Sanctuary in a sleepy village of Cabuya which I thought would be a perfect home for four weeks.  I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for another nut wanting to make a difference and willing to travel to a place that has five phone lines, no hot water and barely any residents.
Chela and I got into San Salvador airport and walked right out to explore.  After paying ten dollars for a visa that lets us see the the country, we were on our way. In six hours we saw the National Palace, Cathedral, touristy end of town and I even got a purse. Surprise, right? 
Upon arrival in CR we came to a full room-and-board Margarita´s Guest House in a middle of nowhere (soon you will start seeing a pattern). There we met a nice lady called Nicole from... Berkeley! Sure it takes me an eight hour flight to meet someone who lives next door to me. Chela and I were so tired we just passed out.
In the morning we traveled to ¨end of the earth¨as the locals call it, to the village that was going to be my home for the next four weeks. We met the best hotel owner ever, Ed.  Ed is a graphic designer from Holland who one day decided his life in Dutch-land was too busy, came to Cabuya, bought a hotel and now basically makes a living being a nice guy. We got settled into our extremely cool tree house.  From there, I was determined.  I came to see monkeys! But before anything like that would happen, we needed to meet our ¨boss¨ from the Sanctuary. 
Enter sweaty, cigarette smokin´, TV watchin´, nightgown wearin´ coffee drinkin´ fat Texan woman. Our task? Feed the endangered species she is trying to save. One pig, one porcupine, four turtles, four birds, two squirrels and two dogs.  SERIOUSLY???? We flew to Costa Rica to feed a pig? Are you fucking kidding me? But it got better. Our task before getting to the feeding was to haul lumber from the top of a mountain.  Yes, it sounds exactly right. Not a top of a hill, down the road, but a TOP of a MOUNTAIN!  As Chela, Nicole and I navigated through this Costa Rican jungle, it started to pour. Not drizzle, sprinkle. rain, drop, POUR. Chela and I decided that as much as carrying lumber would be fabulous, we like our lives so we headed down. Nicole the fit (and crazy) one of the bunch went to the top, carried half of a piece of lumber and quit. By that time Chela and I were shopping for groceries. Chela´s and mine contribution to the ¨Sanctuary¨? 1 hr. Well done.
OK, we´ve got six weeks and lots of land to cover. We are in full travel mode. We have seen Isla Cabuya, Mal Pais and Montezuma.  While nice, these places are all crap comparing to the many places I have seen around the world. I know Costa Rica has more to offer. Bring it on!
Tomorrow Chela and I are off to the Caribbean side as well as Panama. Stay tuned.
PS I did see some monkeys! Cabuya´s mission accomplished!
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