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 As my first travel blog I figured that I would start with something I wrote in my journal today about the beginning of my trip. There is so much to tell about, so many people I have met, so many places I have seen and Danish traditions I have been exposed to while I've been in this peaceful place! While writing in my journal I found no better place to start than my departure from home. So here it goes...

June 25th- Departure Day

This day was a hectic day for me as I was last minute packing, rushing around town, and saying last minute goodbye's. Will I make my flight? Will dad be back for me to tell him bye? Will I have a first class ticket? This does not happen often, but on this day luck was on my side! Told my dad goodbye, made my flight and flew FIRST CLASS! It was a treat flying with my feet up, chair back and a glass of wine in my hand! There was no better way to start off my trip.

 Everything was perfect, until my personal t.v. didn't work... and if you've ever flown 9hours on a plane you know how crucial that t.v. is! Since there were 9 other empty seats, the flight attendant let me know I could move (next to a really hot danish guy!) After dinner I decided I would make my move... ask him if I could sit there and hopefully catch up a conversation. When I asked him if he minded sharing the seat he said, `I would love for you to!`... what girl wouldn't be excited?? After talking for 2 hours, no one would've known I moved for the t.v.! While talking with David (23), he told me that he came to Atlanta to cover the Pride Parade for the newspaper he worked for... now what did that tell me?? Yeah, I'm not his type! :) He is such an amazing person... fresh start in meeting new Danish people. He was excited to know I was going to Birkerød, because he grew up 10 minutes from there in a town called Allerød. When we had to get off and grab our luggage he helped me and calmed my nerves as I was about to see Julie and her family again.

We walked out into this big crowd of people and there they were... Julie and Mor (Danish for Mom) waiting and as excited to see me as I was to see them. They met my new best friend from the plane and then we were on our way home. Julie was a bit sleepy from a party the night before, but she hung in there and we caught up on the drive.  When we got home Kasper was there watching t.v., quiet as always, but I am postive he was happy to see me too! As tired as I was, I ended up taking a 4 hour nap, missing a small party I had planned on going to and waking up to only Far (dad in Danish) and Kasper at home. Far is as tan as ever, even in this cold rainy weather! Kasper was cutting down some bamboo in the back yard, so I thought I would talk to him for a bit and catch up. He actually does talk, more than you would know by first meeting him.

Later that night we had a fantastic dinner and a great conversation. We must have sat and talked for hours at the dinner table! It was a great first day of my trip easy and relaxing.

My camera won't transfer my pictures to this computer, so I will have to find some way to post them for you to see! I will write more tomorrow, but we are about to eat dinner and I am starving! Thanks for reading... sorry it's so long!


Also, know that I hate proof reading so I never do it! Just excuse the misspelled words, sentence fragments and horrible gramar! Tak!

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photo by: jeancliclac