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I can't believe that another week has gone past and I am now only 5 weeks from leaving England. I only have 5 more days at work and 3 more weeks in my flat before I move out and go and live with my parents.

I've been winding up my colleagues with a board I have at my desk that counts down the number of days until I leave. Good thing it is only 5 more or they would kill me! Went into the office today and cleared out my desk so that I could bring stuff home in the car. Amazing the amount of crap you can accumulate in 6 years somewhere, half of it went straight into the bin but I did find a few things I have been looking for for ages!

My RTW arrived from Sweden yesterday which is a relief as I had visions of it being lost in the post somewhere in the depths of Whitechapel sorting office and having to go through a nightmare to get a replacement. I've also just booked my ticket to Sweden to start the whole trip of so I'm feeling very ready on that part.

Still lots to do in my flat before I can rent it out. Have had a number builders come over (or not show up) to quote me last week and I think I will be able to start the work this week. Cutting it fine but that's me!

Selling the car isn't going that well. I've had some interest but nobody has actually been to see it (more no shows....)

My last week is work is shaping up to be an eating and drinking fest. Lots of lunches and my leaving drinks this coming Wednesday. Can't see myself doing any work after that other than clearing up loose ends......

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Sitting at home. At last I have my route sorted and RTW ticket was booked yesterday. I'm sure that I have bored all of you telling you that I am starting in Stockholm as the ticket is sooo much cheaper there......

Am starting to both look forward to things and be slightly worried. Loads to do at home before I go. Thank god I finish work in 2 weeks!
Lots has happened in the last week, the biggest of which was my last day at work. No more work for at least another year! I thought it might feel a bit scarey but actually it is just a relief and great that after a long notice period things are finally over. I was presented with a great card and the proceeds from the leaving collection which I plan to spend on a sleeping bag and some other travel kit. Thanks very much everyone!

It has been a week of lots of eating and drinking. Loads of leaving lunches. I had my leaving drinks and with some early evening pacing managed to still be standing at the end of the night and get up the next morning in time for the builders who have been at my flat all week. The flat has started to look really good and I am now thinking that it would be lovely to stay here rather than rent it out!

Managed to sell my car yesterday to the first person to come and see it (lots of people had called previously but failed to how up on the day). Sad to see the car go as I have had it for 6 years but really pleased that I have got rid of it and that the buyer didn't notice some of the problems with the car! Will be getting the money and handing the keys over on Monday ........

Big thing for next week is to get the flat on the rental market and move out. Hopefully I can get all this sorted before the weekend as I am going down to see an old uni mate in Falmouth. Praying for a British sunny weekend!

4 weeks to go until I leave and I now feel a lot more in control and confident that I will get everything done. Probably not a good sign!
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