3 Day Traditional Bulgarian Wedding.

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So two beautiful people decided to get married, make a commitment beyond the boy-girl thing. There are many beautiful people in Bulgaria who make this union, now two more have done so. Both Fedio and Stanislava are spiritual, I only knew them 2 days before I was invited, then upon my return another 3. Wanting to share in their happiness with a traveler such as I is their humanity. Both their hearts are open and solid in love for life.  It is this search for humanity that I enjoy finding throughout the world. After the wedding we made a circle and shared our feelings, nearly bringing tears to me- a lot was learned. The whole experience was perfect, beyond two people getting married and sharing in their happiness- the wedding was created through mutual love (of life) by all the participations.

There were very very few people who just showed up to drink and toast. Preparation included everything from picking the spot in the park, table and chair gathering through the village, plates, glasses, coolers, taps, etc… till it was time to prepare the evening meal. Again the responsibility of preparing was shouldered happily by everyone. Slowly, though I was an outsider (and heavily hit by some crazy cow poo/throw up disease for 12 hours of the first night), people started to speak to me and treat me no different as if they had known me as long as the others.  

The park is near Stanislava’s fathers house. Both bride and groom families live in villages about one hour from each other. The couple own a guesthouse in Veliko Tarnovo.  The bagpipe player is specific to Rhodope Mts., in the south.  It was a neuvo (slightly hippy)traditional wedding. I can’t explain the ceremony, but the pictures should show it best. After, the clean up went smoothly, we made Lyutenitsa- which is made in the Fall of Summer vegetables  and again I can’t say how the sense of community brought everyone together to help out Baba (grandmother). Bulgaria is mystic and spiritual. Of all the shit the Bulgarians have endured through the Ottoman Empire and then Communism and Capitalism, yet firmly the people are deeply rooted as the trees and rivers that follow the mountain ranges across Bulgaria.

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