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day 6

little tired, health

I left Bec and Dave's this morning headed for Copenhagen.

After taking the tube i just made the connecting bus to Stansted airport, the security at this place was hectic. even had to take off my shoes.

After finding my seat on the easy jet a girl sat down next to me, she just happened to be an Aussie. we talked the who flight cause she had a book on Denmark which i read through.  it was the most i had talked to anyone in days.

On landing i realised Denmark was a little weird when their bridge to Sweden looks like it ends in a lake. Copenhagen isn't much to see from the outskirts very open land but there is alot of construction going on. 

first impressions was that everyone is really nice and helpful, i had three people ask me if i knew where i was going. must have looked like a traveller. its almost as expensive as london which hurts. Everyone rides a bike, no shit there would be a thousand bikes on every street. and no one locks them up....

i was feeling a bit down getting to my room so i turned on the telly, to only see a shitty auzzie show called "blue water high" what the fuck. i watched the show and wrote some notes before i really started to feel home sick. with this thought of home i said to my self what would everyone say if they saww me here so i put on some shoes and my hoodie and took off on the streets of Copenhagen.

This city is beautiful i kept thinking as i walked around a new corner. very picturesk.  i walked around for about an hour before turning in to a pub for my first tuborg.. As soon as i sat down i heard mine and Sas' song and had a tear finished my beer and took off back home but not before pulling in to another bar where they had live music and a soccer game between Brasil and Chilli, wicked game.

after the game and realising its still light at 10pm i walked back home.

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photo by: the_bill