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Well Its Sunday and i have been in london now since wednesday 27th June 2007. 

the flight over was so long. I have done some big trips before but this was just too much, i think its the longest trip in the world... at least i did learn some Kung Fu moves from a little asian bloke while i was walking around the plane trying to get the blood flowing.

Got a bit of a buzz landing in Heathrow. (I pretty much mastered the tube straight away) but didn't really see the streets till i got to Clapham Common where i was directed to meet Bec Faint or Dave Elms.  Bec came and met me just after realising she had left her keys inside. So i sat down at a Cafe and got some lunch. smelling like stale sweat and in just my trackies a tucked into a pasta, all of a sudden a BIG black bloke came up and sat down next to me and started to chat with me about who knows what, life in general. once his food came he simply said enjoy your time mate and walked away. So my first impressions were good.

first night i went up to the pub with Bec and Dave for my first english pint and yes it was warm and tasted fucking horrible. No matter what anyone says the steaks over here are not mad, actually tasted really good. with dinner down i thought it would be a good idea to keep up with dave on the drinking (he is 6'6) bad idea. the only thing on my side was the fact that pubs close at 11pm so i got a decent sleep in and no hang over.

On Thursday i went into town but only to get all my bank and phone details sorted. the weather was rubbish and i knew i would get so lost it would annoy me cause of my jet lag. I ended up getting the tube back to clapham where i got lost for two hours anyway. (thanks Sas for the A-Z, it saved my ass).

I called Bec La Manna that arvo to meet up and seeing as she knew where she was going she came and met me for a beer which then turned into about 6 pints. the problem here is you can never tell what the time is, the sun doesn't go down till 10 or 11 at night. so once we realised what the time was we grabed some thai and called it a night.

Feeling like i hadn't done much i got up on friday and went for a run (the lungs are not what they used to be) being another British summers day (raining) i watched a movie before heading in to Farringdon to meet with La Manna for her works farewell drinks. HOLY SHIT FREE BAR. the pints started flowing and we got really pissed. apart from losing becs bag. i lost two hours of my life when i missed the last tube home ( bec got it) so i took the magic carpet instead. I woke up with a filthy hangover yesterday which was only lightened by the magical Wallabies win over the Kiwi's. Didn't do anything last night as i had no money and a hangover that could kill a small elephant.

Today after a great nights sleep i got to talk to Sas and the family, felt so good to have a chat. been getting withdrawals. I then went for a run as the sun was shining, thought i need to do it more than once a week to make any difference. this arvo i had my first English Roast (not as good as mums but pretty dam good)

tomorrow i am off to denmark to get a ticket to Roskilde festival fingers crossed. I'm just getting the hang of booking all my stuff on the net, lets just hope i did it right


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