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Well I have officially been in Hong Kong for about 3 weeks now. It is hard to believe that there is only one week left and I will be flying back to the states. Teaching has taught me a lot about myself and well others too. I realize that I was such a horrible student at times, and just how rude it was of me to talk when my teachers were talking. Also I have realized that sometimes you need to learn that patience is truly a virtue and perhaps one of the hardest to attain and maintain. Slowly but surely I have been learning about what it means to be patient. The kids that I have been teaching test me everyday. However, everything is not horrible, yes there are struggles but there are also many greatful blessings. For example one of my boys speaks really great english and in a sense even gets my sense of humor. He makes jokes all the time. Another one of my boys who also speaks pretty decent english helps me out in class. Sometimes I feel so bad for him though because some of the stuff I go over seems boring to him. I wish I could make that different but then he might feel left out. So it is basically like a catch 22.

In other news though my team is a good one. There are 8 different personalities and sometimes that is a good thing other times it can be a horrible thing. In this instance it has been quite an interesting dynamic to be honest. Some personalities are really laid back, others are sort of uptight. Figuring out how to mesh those two together and make a team effective has been a definite challenge. Some things are a challenge but definitely worth it. The team has been good, we have our issues but really what team does not? No team does not have any issues...not sure if that made sense but you get the point. Well I am getting a little sleepy and I need to do some written I am peacing out for now. Take it easy!



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