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Kazan Cathedral

After getting off the train from Helsinki to St Petersburg I felt I was in a different world.  No one around me spoke English and not even the lady at the metro ticket counter spoke English.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared.  I walked out of the train station and started looking around for a metro sign but I didn't see one.  Finally I decided that a Taxi was the best decision.  The Taxi Driver spoke enough English that I had him drop me off at my hostel and finally I was in business.

I decided the best way to see the city was to just start walking down the Nevsky Prospect.  Coming down the Nevsky Prospect I came to the Kazan Cathedral which was on my left.  This church was dedicated to Our Lady of Kazan and the architect modelled it after St.

Me in front of the Church of the Spilled Blood
Peter's Basilica in Rome. I was shocked when I entered the church to see the line of people who were waiting to kiss a picture of Jesus.  After leaving I found myself wondering how dirty and unsanitary the glass on that picture was.

To the right of the Nevsky Prospect down the Griboedov Canal I came to the Church of the Spilled Blood.  This church was built at the spot where Czar Alexander II was murdered.  This was one of the most magnicent churches I had come across at this point in my trip.  The architecture was like nothing I had ever seen before in the United States or Europe.  The onion domes are not something that a person comes across in architecture everyday. 

Further down the Nevsky Prospect I finally came upon the Hermitage.

Me in front of the Hermitage
  Catherine the Great was one who founded the Hermitage.  The Hermitage is also home to the largest collection of paintings in the world!!!  The day that I went they were setting up for a concert.  We came back later that night and watched a free peformance by Sting and the russian orchestra.  Never thought I'd see Sting in concert and then seeing him in front of the Hermitage that was a treat!  Inside I saw paintings from Matisse to van Gogh, mummies in the Egyption collection, and the thrones and different rooms the Czars use to occupy.

The next day I walked back down the Nevsky Project and across the bridge to Peter and Paul Fortress.  There I visited the Peter and Paul Cathedral which was built under the reign of Peter the Great.

Me in front of Peter and Paul Cathedral
  Unfortunetly they were doing renovations but I still got to see many tombs including Tsar Nicholas II.  The bell tower in the cathedral is  the world's tallest Orthodox bell tower.  The other cool attraction on the island is the prison cells that use to hold prisoners during the Russian Revolution and was converted to a museum in 1924.

The last day in St Petersburg I visited was Saint Isaac's Cathedral.  Tsar Alexander I was the person to commision the Cathedral to be built.  Me and one of my friends I met at my hostel decided to climb the dome and get a great view over St Petersburg.  Besides the view and the gold dome one of the other impressive features of the Cathedral was St Issac's gate which is the giant bronze door.

Georgian food in Russia it was good!

The food and drink in St Petersburg was amazing as well!  Ofcourse I drank the russian vodka but some of the best food I had wasn't even from Russia but their neighbor Georgia.  My buddy and I had this bread with cheese baked inside which was delicious.   The main course was delicious meat balls with black pepper and pomegranite seeds cooked inside with fried sliced potatoes.  

I would also recommend anyone going to St Petersburg staying in a hostel to stay at Soul Kitchen.  They have a great atmosphere and everyone is really helpful.  They do a pub crawl, they make pancakes for their guests, and you can just hang out with other travellers.  When I couldn't get a train from St Petersburg to Moscow because of the language barrier one of the girls who worked there went to the train station with me and helped me get my train ticket!  I loved my time in St Petersburg!!!

itravel1 says:
Can't wait to see all the sites for myself.
Posted on: Jun 16, 2014
brettjayhawk says:
About 4 hours. If you buy tickets at the train station see if the people running your hostel will write the date and time of the train you want because no one speaks english in Russia. I'm not exaggerating.
Posted on: Oct 13, 2012
idiosyncraticJRNYS says:
Cool. How long does it take to get from St. Petersburg to Moscow?
Posted on: Oct 11, 2012
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Kazan Cathedral
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