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Guess where am I? Well, I am flying to Copenhagen with my whole family! Tirso Jr is not behaving very well, as he is touching my keyboard every single moment! This time we are flying with Spanair although this flight is operated by Escandinavian Airlines.

The stewardess has kidnapped our son and he does not give us any sign he wants to come back :) He is the happiest baby in the plane walking with the stewardess back and forth. We believe he is in the cabin right now touching all buttons…. scary!

Damn, Tirso Jr is getting popular. He is with three stewardess at the moment! Will Tirso come back to us?... well, his mother is getting all nervous already… suffering and shivering with baby withdrawalls… where is my son, where is my son!!

We had a good lunch in the plane although not for free… well, nowadays you even pay to go to the bathroom! :) Before getting off the plane our lovely stewardess gave us a shopping bag with tons of toys for Tirso Jr! From now on I will just have kind words when talking about Escandinavian Airlines personnel :) Once at the aiport we went to pick up our luggage and right where you find the belts, we found some tickets machines for the train, bus and metro.

Everything was very well indicated, so we just headed to the metro station. There were 5-6 stops until we arrived to the town center (Christianshavn). The ticket costs 36 DKK, which is around 4.83€, so don’t even consider taking a taxi ;)

From there we walked to the hotel enjoying our first sights of the city. Actually it was 2 minutes away from Tivoli and very close from the city center! We arrived at the hotel and then I checked my travbuddy messages to get in touch with Christian! I messaged him and we organized a meetup half an hour later! Christian told us to meet him right at the Tivoli´s main entrance. So he could recognize us I told him my son and I were wearing a jacket full of patches and that Silvia was wearing a purple jacket!

He invited us to Tivoli and showed us around.

I have to tell you that Tivoli is impressive. If it wasn´t for Christian, we wouldn´t have considered going in. We thought it was just an amusement park, but it is so much! It is been running for the last 160 years and from its opening, it became the main touristic attraction in Denmark. The most interesting fact is that it is not crowded with full of International tourists, but from tons of people from all different cities and small towns in Denmark! It seems to be that many families arrange day trips to Tivoli and spend the whole day there. It has the best atmosphere and there you find tons of attractions, restaurants, festivals, concerts, theater plays… I would even say that it is the heart of the city! (altough I might jump into conclusions, as it is our very first day here :) )

It is a Tuesday and it was totally packed! But the best was still to come.

Once it gets dark the whole park lights up and it is just beautiful, even better than during the day. There are so many different attractions and most of them remind you to the old amusement parks. It is almost taken from a fairytale.

Around 9pm we had dinner in Groften, when of the most popular restaurants serving local food in Tivoli! Awesome recommendation from Christian, who could manage to join us! After dinner we walked for a little while around the park and then came back to the hotel. I have to thank Christian for such a nice evening! We owe you one! ;) Tomorrow we will leave to Oslo around 5pm, so we have the whole morning to walk around the city! ;)

crazychictraveller says:
Congrats on your featured blog, Tirso!
Posted on: Aug 23, 2011
mpanklind says:
Well done ...
Posted on: Aug 22, 2011
monky says:
Congrats on your featured blog!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2011
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