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Today was a day of quientestial Taiwan, a combination of modernity combined with traditional Chinese culture. This is a country that has grown quickly from an agricultural based economy to a modern economic powerhouse in one generation and the growing pains are often evident. My dad was off playing golf today (the offer of playing a round of golf here is quite an honor as there are not many courses here due to the lack of arable land, after Bangladesh Taiwan has the second highest population density of any nation that is not a city state like Singapore. The vasy majority of the 22 million people are crammed along a small stretch of land on the north and west coasts of the country. The moutains here are quite tall and the foothills quickly burst up leaving very little flat lqand in the country outside the thin coastal plains. This had led to to the west coast of Taiwan from Taipei in the north to Kaoshing in the south to be among the most densely urbanized areas on thye planet.) so my mom and my sister went exploring Taichung on foot and taxi. We walked down a few blocks to check out a local market. For those that haven't been to a Chinese neighborhood market they are often underneath a larger building and the people who live in the building may operate small stands on the ground floor. Wares range from fresh vegetables, poultry, jewelry, snacks, fish and usually cheaply produced clothes with strange logos and sayings. A Chinese market is full of strange sounds, smells and the sheer volume of people cramped in to a small dark area. We passed an area where you could hear and see rosters screeching while some of their compatriots had just suffered a fate that would lead them to someone's dinner table later that day. From the market we caughted a cab to go to the Taiwan National Art Museum in downtown Taichung. Our taxi driver got us to the museum quickly though he had a propensity to move in to he opposing lane of traffic to pass cars which reminded me off a tuck-tuck driver darting through traffic in Bangkok. The museum has a current exhibit featuring abstract carvings of everyday Taiwanese people. There was also an exhibition of modren surrealist paintings by som Taiwanese painters. After grabbing a quick drink we heade off to Tiger City which is the most modern mall in Taichung to go to the Gold Cass Theatre. The theatre is ultra modern and each patron gets a lazy boy like chair to view the movie in while servers bring food and drink right to your table. We ordered some drinks and sat down in the comfortable chairs and view Inside Man with Denzel Washington and Clive Owen. After the movie we did a little window shopping and went home to meet my dad before heading off to a Turkish restraunt for our dinner. After dinner I quickly retired to my bed for a full night's rest. Jet lag and time zone changes are still sapping my energy and I have found the need for sleep causing me to fall asleep quite early in the evenings.
april74 says:
I enjoyed reading about your trip----what happened next? I know, your laptop got locked in a security box.
Posted on: Apr 23, 2006
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