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If you have watched Planet Earth, you probably remember the scene where the camera is flying over the top of Angel Falls and showing the water falling more than a kilometer.  it makes all the waterfalls you have seen before look like miniature toys.


Getting there is not easy but worth the effort.  from Caracas, I took a bus to Ciudad Bolivar on the bank of the Orinoco (of course, you can also flight but i took the scenic route in search of the old lady carrying chicken sitting in the back of bus). Long distance bus in Venezuela is the equivalent of the refrigerated semis in North America and the temporature on board is near freezing at night.

I personally suspect that the drivers think air-conditioning on the overnight bus is a luxury and want to give their customers all their money's worth. after arriving in Ciudad Bolivar, you will need to take a small plane to Canaima, which is a remote village and entrance to the Angel Falls area.  the village and tourist inns are situated by a lake which has a few amazing waterfalls.  the cover photo of Lonely Planet Venezuela is taken here. i took the same photo without realizing it (talk about artistic instinct :)


the local tour guides can show you the water falls by the lake and the rocky hiking path goes under the waterfalls.  you will be walking along with rocks on one side and a wall of water on the other.


from Canaima, it is a 4 hour boat ride up the river to the base of the Angel Falls. rain gear and warm cloth will make the difference between a nice scenic ride and shivering in misery for 4 hours.  Along the way, you will see mystic table top mountains (tapias) veiled in clouds and small waterfalls flying down the side of the mountain. the majestic and mystic surroundings make you think about whether Dinosaurs and King Kong can be found here. Water in the river has a deep amber color and looks a lot like Wiskey


at the base of Angel Falls, it takes couple of hours to hike up the hill side through tropic jungle to a lookup point right below the Falls. the word "majestic" does not really capture the beauty.  i struggled to find words to describe the raw greatness and power of the mountain and the waterfall. rest assured, your neck will be sore from looking up at the waterfall.  there is also a natural pool at the base of the falls where you can swim.  there is no electricity, running water or even walls at the overnight spot near the base of the falls. everyone gets a mildly smelly hammock and a very tasty barbecue chicken dinner.



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Angel Falls
photo by: siri