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since my last update, weve been to nice, zurich, and luzern. nice was AWESOME, even though i got majorly sunburned. the beach there has the most clear and blue water ive ever seen, and i went swimming it in a few times. jess and diana are reaching cynthia-colored tans...ìm getting to be a good shade of brown as well. zurich was okay, nightlife was fun! and luzern....oh man, luzern. its one of my favorite places for sure.

so right when we got off the train in luzern, i met this HOT guy who had a Norcal hat on. i assumed that he was from california, so i started talking to him. He turned out to be swiss, and a snowboarder. I found out that hes a primary school teacher which made him even hotter.  to make a very long story short, diana basically did a cockblock on me (but for girls, is there a term....?) and we ended up getting off the bus really mad at ourselves (and dianas big ass backpack) for not inviting him along. we spent the rest of the day wondering what Norcal boy was doing and why he wasnt with us (dont worry im saying this with kevins approval). he was clearly hinting at us that he wanted to hang out with us too! but none of us knew that the other two wanted him along until we got off the bus. sigh. if you want to whole story ask me later.

regardless of Norcal boy, luzern was absolutelz gorgeous. we went up to the Alps, where there was this festival going on that only happens one day a year! there was wrestling, yak shows, and the aboriginals came out of the hills carrying a crapload of stuff on their shoulders (one man had a crib strapped to his back with a baby in it!). then we rented a motorboat and i went swimming in the middle of the lake. so refreshing. i wish we could have stayed longer...

ANYWAY....im in interlaken right now. its so beautiful here, but it started raining at noon so we had to cancel our paragliding trip. but its been fun conversing with the locals.  ive decided that im going to buy a house here when im older. maybe not a house, maybe just a chateau. or a little cabin by the water, whatever i can afford. i am seriously in love with this place, i almost started crying when i saw the mountains and the lake.
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photo by: Sweetski