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All my entries are just copy/paste from my xanga:

in case you haven't heard yet....

i missed my flight to london this morning. the cover story that i told the airline was that i had to take my sister to the hospital. you see, she's autistic and she had seizures in the middle of the night and they wouldn't stop until the morning. by the time we were out of the hospital, i had missed my flight. have pity and give me a new flight?

i don't think they bought it. in reality, i just didn't check my itinerary before i left. all my fault. in the words of someone i know, "you're so irresponsible." yes, that is me.

i could have paid $2500 for a new roundtrip ticket if i wanted to fly out tomorrow. Or else i could pay the penalty fee and fly out friday morning. So basically, i'll be here til thursday night if anyone's bored.

i can't believe how stupid i am. this is like my psych 101 final, repeated and much much worse. thank God for my friend anne, who took me to the airport and stayed with me while i had my anxiety attacks. i feel so bad for leaving diana in europe all alone. she's been there for the past 10 days waiting for me and jess. i'll be there soon...

won't even be able to see london (which is actually alright with me). i'm flying to charlotte, then connecting to london, then flying right out to paris. i won't be able to enjoy anything till sunday.

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