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On the way back from the beautiful Honolulu to the continental US, my friends and I were waiting in the terminal 1 lounge of Honolulu Airport. I seemed to get midnight flight out of Hawaii, everytime. We were already exhausted from our adventure on Oahu the week before. We couldn't wait till we got on the plane and catch up on our sleep.

By chance, I couldn't help but see through the corner of my eyes a group of orderly-looking gentlemen walking into the boarding area. Then I saw that three of th men were wearing orange jumpsuits and had chains around their ankles and wrists. Each man was escorted by a man carrying a small duffle bag. Curious, I leaned toward a friend of mine, Wy, and said, "do you  think they're going to board the same flight with us?"

Surely enough, they were. Wy is a gal who tends to get overly anxious of something. So her facial expression changed and gathered her things. Sylv quickly said, "girl, where you going?" Wy responded, "I'm not boarding the plane if it has inmates there." We calmed her down and told her not to worry because the inmates were securely handcuffed and had escorts. The department of jail would never let inmates hanging around without a proper security system. But I really couldn't help but wonder how a commecial plane got to transport inmates. Never had anything like that before in my traveling ventures.
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photo by: crystalware