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I love hiking, and I am trying my best to hike whenever I can. I will post both blogs and hiking guide on review so that it can be a reference to those who hope to hike in Japan!

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August 6th, 2011Fukushima, Japan
August 6th, 2011Zao, Japan
August 7th, 2011Zao, Japan
September 11th, 2011Hadano, Japan
September 17th, 2011Mount Fuji, Japan
September 18th, 2011Mount Fuji, Japan
November 23rd, 2011Ome, Japan
December 4th, 2011Hadano, Japan
January 2nd, 2012Hadano, Japan
March 20th, 2012Hanno, Japan
June 23rd, 2012Oze, Japan
June 24th, 2012Oze, Japan
July 7th, 2012Okutama-cho, Japan
July 21st, 2012Mount Fuji, Japan
September 2nd, 2012Mount Fuji, Japan