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It's the season of peaches in Fukushima! @ Adatara Parking area

I was really craving for more experience in my hiking activity.
And I found a girl who wanted hiking partner on couchsurfing website (I am not really active there actually), so I sent her a message that I would join.

She was on holiday and camping, hiking and traveling all over in Japan, and she proposed me to hike along the trail of Zao range, and Zao is the place I am quite familiar with because of my club activity (the hockey team I joined had campsite in Zao) and my friend whom I met in Kyoto 6 years ago was always telling me it's really beautiful, so I thought it was great to give it a try with her.

In order to start the hike very early, I took a night bus from Tokyo to Fukushima (kinda "hot" area).

Fukushima station, 5am

My bus arrived really early in the morning, so I explored but I only found some drunkards around Fukushima station.
But I was so happy that I saw some posters that they were having a big festival as usual years on the very day I arrived there. Fukushima people are so strong and trying to get things recovered.

I found a Japanese fast food chain (gyudon and udon place) open and decided to have a breakfast there.
And after the breakfast, I saw the station was open and I changed my clothes for the hike.

OK, so I was ready for the hike, and was waiting for the train on the platform. Then the announcement said that Hokutosei train was arriving at the same platform where I was. Oh my buddha! It's the train I have been dreaming of taking!! (It's a luxury sleeper train that runs between Tokyo and Sapporo, Hokkaido.) I once had a job meeting to work as waitress for part time on that train, but most girls who were having the same job meeting were girls who were majoring to be flight attendants and ordinary student (me) didn't pass the meeting... oh well.
I was kinda very excited to see the train and even cried a bit remembering about some moving novels and cartoons that are refering to that train!! I must have been very weird, but I was too excited because of lack of sleeping...hahahaha.

So I took the train from Fukushima to Shiroishi, from the train, I saw shimmering green ricefields and shining forests. I really love Tohoku area. Ganbare Tohoku!!

Apurva_N says:
Dream destination ... and I love trains :)
Posted on: Jan 27, 2014
Lotus28 says:
Yes there is sleeper trains in Japan too! But this one is really expensive one to go to Hokkaido. Everyone says that it is worth trying though :P
Posted on: Dec 07, 2011
kikomanzoni says:
congrats on your featured blog and many thanks for letting me know that there is a sleeper train:)
Posted on: Dec 05, 2011
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Its the season of peaches in Fuku…
It's the season of peaches in Fuk…
Fukushima station, 5am
Fukushima station, 5am
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Beware of passing the underground…
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Start of the day
Hokutosei train... the one I dream…
Hokutosei train... the one I drea…
Night bus from Tokyo to Fukushima.…
Night bus from Tokyo to Fukushima…
photo by: Lotus28