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Well, I´ll catch u up now that I´m home early.  Ditched them all pleading exhaustion, haha.  These Spanish boys wouldn´t let us come home until we forced them to at 5 a.m.  Crazy people!  Their bars stay open until 8 am.  Kajsa, Colleen and Sam are all out with our host Hector doing the salsa at some bar here in the lovely old town of Aviles, Spain.  The girls are having so much fun.  Everyone is so fun and helpful.  We get lost ALL the time!  And everyone helps us get unlost.  Taxi drivers let us follow them to addresses we´re looking for, had a grandfather stop his walk and drive us to the hostel.  Amazing.  We had such a funny experience yesterday.  We were totally lost once we got to Hector´s town.  A city of 90,000 people.  When we finally got to the address, of course he wasn´t there.  We wandered around looking for something to eat and found this cafe.  Asked them where the festival was, which was where Hector was supposed to be, we thought.  They didn´t understand us  but said (I think) that they´d phone someone who spoke English to help us.  So they phone, and we´re talking to this guy, saying we´re having troubles phoning this number of this person we´re staying with.  I start reading the number out to him and he starts saying it with me, then says that´s his number.  It was Hector!  We had ended up at his mother in law´s cafe.  How crazy is that in a town of 90,000 people!  It´s rained all day, but we had a lovely day anyways.  Hector took us to his parent´s summer house where we had a BBQ with a load of his friends.   They spoke very little English, so it was pretty entertaining.  I´m having a really good time with Colleen, we´re becoming good friends.  The girls are truly enjoying the trip.  They certainly are focusing differently than Colleen and I.  We´re oohing and aahing at the scenery as we drive, they´re sleeping in the car, just lying in wait of new friends which is what they´re interested in.  Kajsa´s getting brave, trying more new food.  It´s all pretty weird, haha. 
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photo by: Eric