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Pujiang Hotel, Shanghai - can recommend it

Today I got up early at SAGA to see Laura off - she was catching the bus to Beijing Airport to go back to the UK. I was really sad to say goodbye to Laura, we'd had such a good time and she kept me organised and on the right track which was just as well!

After going back to bed for an hour, it was my turn to check out and get the bus to the airport as well.
I'd booked a flight at SAGA's travel desk with China Eastern to
Shanghai for my last few days in China.

Pudong District from the Bund, across the Yangtse River
I could have taken the bus or the train but because I was travelling alone, I was happier flying, and the price difference wasn't that much either. The flight cost 680Y, around £45, which I was quite happy to pay!
I'd booked a hostel in Shanghai through SAGA, so was happy I knew where I was staying that night.

Beijing Airport was SO BUSY! Every check in desk was queued out, and at one point I did fret I'd miss the flight because the queue I was in was moving so slowly. I was also worried I'd get hammered with excess baggage charges - I'd been pretty close to the limit when I went out and with my terracotta warriors and little red book and my other souvenirs all piling up, as well as the traditional painting I'd bought at the Summer Palace (which was slung over my shoulder in a long green cardboard box with a string handle) I think I had reason to worry, but fortunately I got through. That plus my 65l rucksack, day bag on my front and the trolley case must have made me look like a pack horse!

I got hammered at the airport cafe for a diet coke and a sandwich - it cost the same as a night at the hostel!

The flight was entirely uneventful, save the woman next to me trying to engage me in conversation to practice her English!

Caught the airport shuttle bus into the city then got a taxi to the Pujiang Hotel, on the north point of the Huangpu River, just over Suzhou Creek. Apparently, it used to be one of the city's finest hotels, and the likes of Einstein and Charlie Chaplin have stayed there - more in the review! It's now a backpackers hostel, though I think there are some nicer rooms too.

Because I was on my own now, I was happy to pay a bit more for a smaller room in the hostel. I didn't really want a big dorm with people coming and going at all times of the night, so I opted for a five bed girls room, and was so impressed! For about £10 (140Y) a night, I was in a HUGE old fashioned room with high ceilings and wooden floors, with TV and en suite bathroom. My room was actually a little side room with two beds in it, and three in the main part of the room. It sounds silly but I was happy to be able to watch some of the Olympics on TV for an hour or so every day, and the other girls I shared with were lovely.

Anyway, I think because I was on my own, and Laura had been so keen on eating like the locals did, I was desperate for some western food - pizza, KFC, MacDonald's, I didn't mind which, so I set out across the creek to the Bund, which runs alongside the Huangpu. I eventually found a KFC, which although I don't normally eat, was really good for a change! I'd enjoyed Chinese food so much, but it was nice to have something that didn't have rice on the side!

I got stopped frequently on the Bund by local people wanting to practice speaking English and take pictures of me - I think a relatively tall, white but by this point very tanned, blonde girl wandering about on her own seemed a bit odd to them! The Bund is the riverside esplanade, and where colonial buildings sit alongside very modern structures, with Chinese flags fluttering in the wind.

It was so nice to get back to the hostel and a comfortable bed (the ones in Beijing and Xi'an certainly weren't comfy) and also to be able to put the light out when I wanted too - the other bed in the demi-room wasn't occupied the first night, and there was a shade on the window to the main room, so all was quiet and dark and Morven was asleep!

AndiPerullo says:
I loved the Bund!
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
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Pujiang Hotel, Shanghai - can reco…
Pujiang Hotel, Shanghai - can rec…
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Pudong District from the Bund, ac…
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