Yaay Pandas - oh wait no, we've missed the train and are stuck in Xian!

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Yup, it happened. It's the first time something like this has happened to me while travelling, and to be honest, it was my fault.

We spent the morning wandering around town - we saw the Great Goose Pagoda, had a MacDonald's lunch and found our way into the Muslim Quarter. We bought a few souvenirs and went to the Mosque. We thought it was prayer time as there were lots of people in white caps - all the men made their way to the far end of the Mosque, while the women gathered slightly further back. It was only when we cleared and we saw a body being carried out we realised it was a funeral! Oh well, it's another experience to add to the list!

We made our way back to the hostel and I stopped to look in a watch shop, which on reflection was stupid - there was no way I was going to buy anything. Back at the hostel, the staff took ages finding the key for the baggage room, and then we couldn't get a taxi. Needless to say when we did we were getting a bit frantic and were trying to bribe the taxi driver with Yuan to go faster! He also dropped us at totally the wrong entrance to the station, so we had to run with huge backpacks, day bags and my trolley bag through a very busy forecourt and station and try to figure out where our train to Chengdu was. When we asked, the man made choo-choo noises and said it's gone! Gutted!

We headed back to the hostel where the travel agent was thankfully able to just transfer us onto the next day's train, so we didn't need to pay full cost, just a £1 transfer fee. I paid for the hostel for us both that night - I was feeling so guilty and it was also only around $10 each per night! But at least it gave us some time to see around Xian some more, and we ate in a great restaurant full of locals. It also gave us a chance to get some cash - Laura's card wouldn't work in the ATM so we had to go into the bank, which wasn't open the day before.

Unfortunately, our travel boo-boo mean we wouldn't be able to see the pandas - we'd already booked a Yangtze cruise, which left the next day and we'd have to go straight to Chongqing from Chengdu, rather than stopping. We were both disappointed but if we'd cancelled the Yangtze trip we'd have lost all our money.

So, we set our alarms early and pre booked a taxi for the next day!

Oh yeah, and Mark became an uncle to Jennifer Catherine Donnelly!

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