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Before we left Jimo, there was a fairly emotional farewell to my homestay family. Ms Mao and her mother in law were crying and asking me to stay longer or come back and see them before I flew home. Unfortunately neither were possible, but it was sweet they seemed to like me that much! I was given a lovely pair of nylon mens XL pyjamas and some green tea as a leaving gift (I'm offended they thought I was that fat - I think it was more to do with my height to be honest) while Laura set off with a miniature tea set from her family! I'll be honest - I jettisoned the PJs at the Shuyuan hostel: perhaps someone else would use them!? He-He didn't seem to understand I was leaving for good, despite the fact I was putting all my stuff into the back of the town's police minibus (Laura's homestay Dad was chief of police), but as we pulled away he pitched a full on tantrum, screaming and crying and calling my name! And to think, there was me not overly disappointed to be saying good bye to him though...

The kids at school were great the previous day too - I got lots of little presents from them, ranging from a teddy bear keyring to shells and a dinner invitation with Barbie's family! We already had a group farewell dinner planned with the Sunbird team, organised by Changmin so unfortunately I couldn't meet Barbie's parents. We had a graduation ceremony and the best kid from each class - Barbie and a boy from the other class - each gave a small speech. We all had to teach our classes a party trick for graduation - I taught them Do-A-Deer from the Sound of Music, and both classes joined together and sang - admittedly some with the words written down, but most knew them off by heart! We'd practised it at the end of every class for the last two weeks. The pronunciation was amusing at times too. Class 12 also gave me a memory book, although in translation it became a memorial book! It was a proper printed and bound book, and all the kids wrote me a message, as well as the words of Do-A-Deer. It's really sweet, and I still have it - every message written in green highlighter pen!

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