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So, the delights of Shanghai airport were quickly found, surveyed and discarded.

I called home from my mobile (something I discovered when I got home WASN'T a good idea, more to follow), and got a bite to eat...the excitement of the airport thus far over, I went off in search of the check-in desk for my flight to Qingdao in Shandong province, where the base of the school I was to be working with, the Sunbird Summer English Camp, was located.

The check in for my flight to Qingdao with ChinaEastern (which Trailfinders in Glasgow ASSURED me they could only get me a first class seat was only £50!) wasn't opening until two hours before the flight, so I had a good few hours to kill, and I settled down perched atop a luggage trolley with all my bags in some way connected to me, set the alarm on my mobile, jammed it in my pocket and went for a snooze. I only tumbled off my 'suitcase summit' twice in three hours, but at least I provided some amusement to the assembled locals, who giggled shyly when I snapped out of my sleep and caught them snickering and pointing.

Anyway, Shanghai Airport = boring. Check in FINALLY opened after what seemed like an eternity and I went through to departures, and after paying my 50 yuan airport tax (15 Yuan, or RenMinBi was worth a pound when I was there, which is roughly what it is now, but has gone to as low as 6RMB to the pound recently) bought one of the most expensive haagen dasz ice creams I've ever had, which I proceeded to slitter/ dribble all down the rugby-type twill top I had with me and had thus far been using to protect myself from the icy AirCon. Ah was late.

Now, travelling first class, even on an hour long flight has it's perks. Realising I still wasn't sure what any of the food might be called or contain, I traipsed to the first class lounge, was brought a cold drink and a pot noodle of uncertain origins and settled in for the next couple of hours to read my book. Naturally I fell asleep again, but woke up about 20 minutes before the flight was supposed to board. That's when I found out it was delayed by 30 minutes. Not too bad says I...then it became an hour, two hours and then three! I had to buy a phonecard and call Kirsty, our boss in Qingdao and ask her to let the people who were picking me up at the airport when I'd be in, but it was too late...they'd already gone to meet me. Eeek...not a good way to make friends, especially if airport parking costs are anything like those in the UK! In the meantime, called the parents again, who were most amused. Humph...

SO...eventually, after two more less than appetising pot noodles, we were finally led, sheep like, to the plane, given stale nuts and a warm coke and sent on our way. I was properly qingdao bound at last.

AndiPerullo says:
My gosh you poor thing! I hate when stuff like that happens. At least you got to sit 1st class though...
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
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