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Mercifully, the flight from Shanghai's Pu Dong Airport to Qingdao was short, and I landed 3 and a half hours late, just after 2am, cleared security, got my bags and met the girl and guy who were to take me to the villa the summer school rented for the duration of the course. I was to stay there the first night before going out to Jimo, the dinky town we were to teach in the next day after meeting the rest of the teachers and classroom assitants.

I hope you'll forgive me, but the names of my meeters and greeters escape me! The drive into town took a really long route (maybe it just seemed that way) and we FINALLY got to the house, which was in darkness. The girly led me in, showed me how to use the shower (which drained straight onto the floor, swirling around the washing machine and it's plug - aargh), the kitchen (fridges are too costly to plug in it seems!) and my room, which was a huge woodfloored affair, with double bed, ceiling fan and fluorescent lighting. By now I was ready to drop, and glad to be left on my own for a bit, having being told we (the two kiwi blokes already in the house and I) would be picked up at 9.30am the next day. I dug out some clean clothes, PJs and toiletries to lay out for a welcome shower in the morning.

But I couldn't sleep...perhaps the bother of the flight delay was what started to get to me, perhaps I was over tired, but I got utterly ridiculously emotional, broke down in tears and looked through the little plastic album of photos I'd brough from home with shots of my parents, grandparents, my two daft labradors and friends from school and university and suddenly felt very very alone. It may also have been the fact I was really finding it hard to communicate already, that my body clock was smashed to bits, that I was unsure of staying with a random chinese family, and that I had been brought to a strange house in a city I knew nothing about and which had two men in it I knew nothing about, but who knows. So I was back on the blower to Ma & Pa, who's wedding anniversary it was, and it was also my Dad's birthday. They were really pleased to hear from me, a bit worried I was so upset and did the usual reasuring that it'd all seem better in the morning. Slightly pacified, I read for a bit and eventually dozed off, fearing tomorrow could be a long day.

AndiPerullo says:
You finally made it to China! Sorry to hear that you got a bit overwhelmed, though I'm sure I'm going to find out later in your blog that you came to love China.
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
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