A Nine Step Pagoda made entirely without nails? A corpse in the Yangtse River? I Don't Believe It!

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Lanruo Dian Temple - also called Nine Step Pagoda and the Orchid Hall

I woke up feeling a tad better and headed out onto deck to sit in the sun and read my book. I got extremely odd looks from the Chinese who like to stay as pale as possible and were slapping on SPF100+ and I'm baking in the sun with no SPF on!

Laura and I went for a mosey around deck and saw something floating in the river. It got closer and closer and we realised it was a body, floating face down in the river! It was pretty bloated but definitely a human body. We could see the hair splayed out on the surface. Eeww..

We got to the Nine-Step Pagoda (Lanruo Dian) mid-afternoon and climbed all the way to the top. I'll admit - I felt decidedly nauseous half way up and was glad I didn't have to battle my way back down the stairs! We made it to the top and the views across the river were very impressive.

I've stopped being sick!
The usual tourist sellers were out and about, selling everything from camera film and batteries to Nine Step t-shirts! We trailed back down the hill to the boat, and were looking forward to dinner - although I knew all I'd get through was some rice.

It was around this point we were delighted we were pretty much doing the trip on our own, and not in a massive tour group. Seeing people hearded around behind guides with technicoloured flags made us feel totally liberated. Some of the people in the groups looked utterly demoralised and I can understand why.

Back on board, we admired and amazing sunset, had a quick dinner and tried to get to bed early because we knew tomorrow would be an early start - we were to pass through the first gorges around 5.30am!

mfmcp1982 says:
I know! It certainly wasn't anyone from our ship - well, I'm presuming it wasn't otherwise I'm sure we'd have about turned. Maybe it's more common than we'd think? Definitely bizarre though...none of the Chinese batted an eyelid (if they even noticed - most were asleep on deck, but in the shade of course)!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2008
Eric says:
Wow, that's crazy that there was just a body in the river! Was there any explanation for it? Seems odd that no one on the ship was more alarmed!
Posted on: Mar 26, 2008
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Lanruo Dian Temple - also called N…
Lanruo Dian Temple - also called …
Ive stopped being sick!
I've stopped being sick!
This reminds me of Scotland
This reminds me of Scotland
photo by: mfmcp1982