Ghost City visit makes me think I'm possessed and in need of an exorcism!

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Tianzi - King of the Dead: his head's the car park!!!

Fengdu is a ghost town (the only one in China) on the Yangtse River, and the first stop on most cruises from Chongqing to Yichang.

We were awoken pretty early by the on-ship PA system crackling to life with cheery strangled cat sounding Chinese music. We got up - Laura energetically, me less so - I was feeling really rough now, and had only managed a bowl of rice the night before for dinner. We bought bottles of water as we got off the ship for the dockside hawkers, and made our way through Fengdu to the theme park area.

Much of the town will be flooded in 2009 when the valley is flooded. Up to the point of the Door of Hell, Fengdu will be submerged and become an island attraction.

One of the many temples and shrines
Pretty much all of the three-quarters of a million people who lived in Fengdu have left, having been paid by the government to re-locate. A few remain to monopolise the tourists who pour off the tourist ships every day, selling guide books and maps, drinks and snacks, etc. The town is absolutely in ruins - blackened buildings, although a barber appears to be doing a thriving trade, it was queued out with tourists and locals alike!

We made our way to the foot of Mount Ming (I know...) where everything pretty much is. There's a big stone head, which I thought was something significant - it's actually a car park from a hotel. If you see it side on you can see the multi-storey! I'm so stupid...

You got part of the way up Ming Mountain on a cable car, which Laura went up to see what was at the top - I stayed at the bottom as the thought of swinging in the air on a flimsy wire did nothing to settle my stomach. Apparently there was nothing worth seeing so I was glad I got a nap in the sun instead!

I've since learned a barrier wall is going up around the temples, etc so the risen Yangtse won't affect them.

There is lots of legend surrounding Fengdu, that it's a Tao graveyard (one of 72), etc. It has a weird theme park type thing, and a walk through exhibition of the 39 Hells - reportedly it's where you'll go if you're bad. It was one of the tackiest things I've ever seen, and you have to pay to get into it. The fact I thought my stomach was trying to claw its way out of my abdomen also didn't make me enjoy it any more. Laura and I were glad to to get out of it - there were lots of flashing lights, strobes, fluorescent paint, etc, and was generally a bit of a sensory overload. The gift shop was also the lamest excuse I've ever seen!

We sat down for a bit - Laura went off to explore, I had to excuse myself and got furious looks from Chinese ladies as I was profusely sick over the edge of a wall...I couldn't help it and shot them daggers back! The squat toilets are obviously not built with anyone with a dicky tummy in mind - there's so little privacy!

We walked back down to the entrance to the park, and made our way back to the boat. I felt awful that I might be stopping Laura doing stuff but she said she was fine. I went back to bed, and Laura sat out on deck in the shade to read.

And then it was onwards towards the first of the Three Gorges.


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Tianzi - King of the Dead: his hea…
Tianzi - King of the Dead: his he…
One of the many temples and shrines
One of the many temples and shrines
photo by: DrewSFO