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The Villa, Qingdao - highly Germanic: Chairman Mao stayed here on his summer hols.

They were many and varied. We had a few great nights out, ranging from formal dinners to pizza at the Sailing Club.

We also went shopping quite a lot, Adam and I went to the Aquarium, and Adam, Laura and I visited some of the plush hotels for a look around (OK, to use the toilets).

I also lost my wallet. I was buying pirate DVDs in the underpass and couldn't find my wallet. The poor woman who owned the shop was holding her hands up in horror - I knew she hadn't nicked it, so I left the discs with her and tried to explain I'd be back if I found my purse. I retraced my steps, starting to seriously panic. I had a lot of money in it - both Yuan and dollars.

Hmm, copyright infringement me thinks?!
I also had all my cash and credit cards in it as well as my SIM card for my UK cell phone. I called Kirsty, our boss, and she said if I couldn't find it in 15 minutes she'd come and help me. I headed back through the mall - anyone could have picked it up, and I was starting to get upset. When I went back to the clothes shop where I'd tried on stuff, I checked the changing rooms, and tried to communicate with the shop assistant what had happened. I found a phrase in the back of my book and they just shrugged. They wandered off and came back with a security guard who kind of managed to communicate they hadn't handed anything in. I wrote down my name and cell phone number (Chinese SIM) and a picture of what the wallet was like (Radley, green dog on front, black leather) and sort of said if it turns up PLEASE call me. I went back to check the changing rooms. When I got back the shop assistants were standing in a line, smiling. They had found it under a clothing display where I'd put my bag down and probably kicked it over. I was so grateful I started crying and xie xie'ing over and over and over. They seemed pleased the mad Western woman was leaving as I walked out the store, having bought a Beer Festival t-shirt and with a big sobbing smile on my face!

I have other photos from my 35mm camera which I'll scan in - some are actually really good! But for now, here's a couple I have digital-type!

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The Villa, Qingdao - highly German…
The Villa, Qingdao - highly Germa…
Hmm, copyright infringement me thi…
Hmm, copyright infringement me th…
photo by: aleksflower