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Well, my flight landed on time in Dubai, shortly before midnight on the 1st of July. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I had just over three hours to kill and because I'd checked my rucsack and small trolley case (a choice of a piece of luggage decision I soon came to regret) in all the way through to Shanghai, I didn't have much to do. So after the aforementioned duty haul trawl and finding the gate, I started one of the books I picked up at Glasgow, boarded after 30 mins at the gate and settled down for the long haul.

It didn't start well. There were two chinese guys sitting behind me - me being one of about 5 non-asians on the flight seemed to cause them much amusement and they were caught gawking a few times. Although I had three seats to myself, they kicked the back of the seats and jumped about and called the stewardesses so many times I was begining to get a tad irate. Even when they fell asleep they were nuisances...snoring at the top of their lungs! Anyway, it wasn't too bad, and we soon arrived into Shanghai Airport, which is something of a cross between Charles De Gaulle and Kuala Lumpur, with the odd architecture of the former and the occassionally interesting parts of the latter.

AndiPerullo says:
How cool to fly from Dubai to Shanghai! 2 awesome cities. :)
Posted on: Oct 19, 2007
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photo by: vances