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The view from the Chengdu to Chongqing train

We arrived into Chongqing with five hours to go before our boat set off. Which was just as well.

We thought the bus station was near the dock on the river. Not at all! Again we wandered about for a bit trying to walk it, but it would have been about 8 miles so we got a cab to the city centre hotel where we'd to meet the ticket guy and get our boarding passes. We did get VERY dodgy looks as we trailed in with our rucksacks, but I think they were used to it! Our fixer also arranged that we could leave our baggage at the hotel, which was a big help. We wandered around and had lunch in a jiaozi restaurant, lots of vinegar and pork dumplings - great!

And so we made our way back to the hotel, had a sly wash in the lobby bathrooms, (I was amazed how dirty you get just walking in the city! My feet were nearly black!) and headed for the docks in a taxi.

Chinese men do dress like this - belly hanging out, vest rolled up! It's quite disturbing actually. Oh and they spit too...
We couldn't have walked as it was through lots of little back streets and places not in the guide book!

And we got to the boat. Our actual travel agent - the fixer's brother I think - met us at the terminal and gave us our boarding cards and we gave him our money.

The boat was - interesting! There was piped music through the corridors and into the rooms. We'd opted for a four share - the doubles/ twin rooms were a bit too expensive. We humphed all our stuff in, and having lined all our bottles of water up in front of the air conditioning unit, we were about to head out when our roomy arrived. Happy Harry as we dubbed him had a plastic bag with him, and that was it. There we were, two huge rucksacks on the chairs, trolley bag and day bags - he looked more worried than we did! He kept to himself mostly, but mooched around in his vest a lot, which was odd with suit trousers!

I was really quite unwell by this point - I'd been really sick on my last day in Jimo - I just thought it was the dodgy red wine I'd drunk at our leaving dinner, but maybe not. I was limited to sipping water and nibbling on plain rice. It made me lose weight but I felt grim. I just hoped the boat trip would be smooth.

We set off at dusk as the lights of Chongqing popped to life. And we were off, somewhere up a river without a paddle!

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