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Greg and I in front of Loch Linnhe in Fort William, Scotland.
The train is speeding its way towards Fort William, Scotland and we should be at our destination in a little less than an hour. Our group of 12 had to be split due to a heating problem in one of the sleeper cars; so when our train separated in some little town in Scotland, 6 people in our group had to get off and take a coach bus the rest of the way. Needless to say, we were quite annoyed at the inconvenience but at least all 12 of us were able to get sleeper cabins and some much needed rest before we were separated.

As I look out the windows, the rolling greens of Scotland are more alive then I imagined. Although there is rain, it could not dampen our spirits as the rain gives more of a clean and fresh feeling; quite different then the streets of London.
The West Highlands beyond Loch Linnhe.

Greg and I are more in our element now. Nature people by instinct, we thrive in the open air and bright colors of nature. The sheep grazing on the hillsides remind me of fluffy clouds on land and the rivers might be cold to the touch but they leave a warm feeling in our hearts.

We are more in our element now and after we dispatch from this train, we will be dropping off our luggage and heading for a 3-hour hike in Steall Falls, Scotland. Sure our legs are tired and trying to sleep in a 6’ x 4’ bunk bed train sleeper room was not as easy as we had imagined it to be, but nothing can dampen our spirits for we are in Scotland!

After a long day and a few minor glitches in our scheduled affairs, we are now safe and sound in Fort William, Scotland.
The ruins of Fort William across from our hotel.
Our train ride ended shortly after my last journal entry and we successfully found the other 6 individuals in our group waiting for us at the train station. I had wished they would have been in a happier mood but it seems that the coach staff were quite rude to them and failed to wake them up with more then a couple of minutes before the had to leave the train. However, we regrouped and headed out to our 3 awaiting rented cars.

Due to the heavy rain, we were not able to venture out to Steall Falls. Instead, we took a trip to a shopping district in Fort William, where we toured an old historic Scottish museum and then headed across the way for our second helping of Fish and Chips. Unlike the Sherlock Holmes Restaurant in London, this meal was quite greasy and lay heavy in our bellies. I believe Greg and I are done with our helping of Fish and Chips now on this trip and feel it is better to train our brains and bodies away from the deep fried foods.
The Legend of the Dew of Ben Nevis - Distillery tour.

After a pop into the hotel for check-in (and a much needed shower), we headed out to the Ben Nevis Distillery and walked through their Scottish Whiskey plant. The information about Scottish Whiskey was quite interesting but the smells of the distillery left me longing for even the London Tube air (which is a very bad thing to want). We were told by our tour guide that two of their warehouses were actually used in the Harry Potter films and even the most in-depth fan in our group did not know that bit of trivia. After a bit of tasting, I realized that whiskey is not a drink that will want to grace my palette with again. Greg much rather a tall glass of cold Berry Weiss and me a nice steaming cup of Cappuccino thank-you-very-much.

The greatest part of the day was not the utter closeness Greg and I experienced being in such close quarters of the sleeper train (which will test even the strongest of marriages) but rather the awesome picture taken of us by a tourist who happened to be walking by us.
An old church in Fort William just down the way from the old shopping district and Scotland tourism center.
I was so trying to take a picture of the two of us when this foreign woman walked by and asked, in broken English, if she could help us with our picture. It was very sweet of us and definitely one to frame when we get home!

Tomorrow we venture to the Jacobite Steam Train to travel around Harry Potter filming locations, such as Glenfinnan Viaduct and Lake Sheil. We will then get lunch in Mallaig before driving 1.5 hours with our group to Inverness, Scotland. In all honesty, Scotland is an experience we cannot put into words; a “must” experience for everyone who loves nature, clean air, friendly people, and experiencing a different culture.
wanderingme says:
I have pictures now - I was busy uploading Greg's 10,000 Star Wars convention pictures from London. LOL
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
kiwi92 says:
*sniff* *sniff* no pictures to share =(
Posted on: Jul 16, 2007
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Greg and I in front of Loch Linnhe…
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Fort William
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