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Shannon Airport - The city I am named for and our first stop in our drive across Ireland.
We left the hotel early this morning and headed for Waverly Station to board a train to Glasgow and our connecting flight to Shannon, Ireland. Sadly, the trip to Glasgow Airport was the easiest part of our day.

Glasgow International Airport is not huge but a pain in the rear end. There are no check-in terminals for each of the airlines. Instead, you have to stand under these screens and wait for a check-in point to be shown as open for your existing flight. Hence, us getting there 3 hours before our flight on Aer Lingus was a moot point. We stood under these screens for over an hour before the check-in desk was listed and then had to truck our stuff half across the airport.

Our flight was over 45 minutes late boarding and we only had an hour and twenty minutes allotted to our layover in Dublin before heading to Shannon.
Our first out of 3 hotel rooms in the Oakwood Arms hotel in Shannon. Won't stay here again!
Needless to say, they had a shuttle bus waiting at Dublin to whisk away the 17 passengers to their Shannon connection. While in the bus, the Aer Lingus representative told us that we would most likely not have our luggage until tomorrow due to the delay. Great! Running all over the place and now no luggage!! We thanked God that we at least had Greg’s medications in our carry on luggage.

We finally arrived in Shannon, Ireland and found our luggage waiting for us. I promised to sacrifice the next spider I see to the Gods to thank them for the gift of our luggage. Off to the car rental to find out that they wanted to add on unnecessary “insurance” and then try to turn our standard size car rental into a compact. Ha! I waived the stupid extras (which we read later really weren’t necessary in Hertz’s own pamphlet they handed us) and we were upgraded for free to a CRV.
The view from our hotel room in Shannon.
Of course, they forgot our GPS system so I had to go back inside and get that before heading off to the hotel.

Luckily, the hotel was only a hop, skip and jump from the airport and it was easy to spot. The difficult part was reminding Greg to drive on the left side of the road. *laugh* Once we were in the hotel, the window in our room fell off the hinges and after trying a couple of other rooms, we finally found one that wasn’t falling apart nor had a bed that looked like 50 football players had just trying to build a human pyramid on it!

We enjoyed some McDonald’s for dinner as the hotel restaurant was not open until 6:00pm and we were starving from not eating all day. (Had planned to get some food at the airports but I am sure you can see how that was not a possibility.) Now it is close to 6:00pm and time for me to head to bed. Yes, bed! You see my friends; I have not slept since Thursday night as I was at the Harry Potter book release at midnight Friday so I am exhausted. I will write more about the release itself but the irony of today just had to be shared. *laugh*

Until tomorrow! Let’s say an Irish prayer that everything goes smoothly from this point forward!
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Shannon Airport - The city I am na…
Shannon Airport - The city I am n…
Our first out of 3 hotel rooms in …
Our first out of 3 hotel rooms in…
The view from our hotel room in Sh…
The view from our hotel room in S…
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