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Ghosts and Ghouls nighttime tour through Edinburgh.
It was quite an adventure from Inverness to Edinburgh but we arrived safe and sound late today. Before I venture on further with details of our wonderful day, I do want to point out that I had posted our July 17, 2007 journal entry quite late in the day today and you before reading further on in this entry, please feel free to read yesterday’s journal entry and see the wonderful pictures of the Glenfinnan Viaduct before reading any further. *smile* Now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s venture on with our days activities, shall we?

Today we were in search of Nessie and, alas, I should point out that we did not see the Loch Ness monster.
A plaque outside of the Chinese Buffet in Edinburgh (once Nicholson's Coffee Shop) where J.K. Rowling wrote much of first few Harry Potter books!
There was no disappointment to be had because the day was beautiful as we boarded Loch Ness Express and headed for a trip down Loch Ness to Fort Augustus. There, we spent some time touring the very small community; handmade swords, blown glass, tartan, and yet again, fish and chips. No, we didn’t have the fish and chips as we knew that twice in 10 days was enough for us but we did get fried food and it started us on a conversation about how strange it is that fried foods seem to be a staple of both England and Scotland. I wont go into detail about the fried food we ate this day but know that it is our last. *laugh*

After our tour of Loch Ness, we loaded up the cars for a 3.5-hour drive up to Edinburgh. The rolling countryside was gorgeous and sheep were plenty! It was amazing how no two areas looked alike and how the country seemed to get more beautiful by the second with its waterfalls, cultural charm, and bellowing mountainous peaks.
Fort Augustus, Scotland overlooking Loch Ness.

Once we arrived in Edinburgh, it was off the place where J.K. Rowling penned the first two Harry Potter books. It is now a Chinese Restaurant buffet and the food was quite a welcome edition to experience. There are a couple of plaques around the doorway to let visitors know that the famous author once enjoyed a cup of coffee there while writing her books. Of course, I got loads of pictures of those!

At 9pm, we headed out to our last adventure of the day, the Ghosts and Ghouls Tour of Edinburgh. It was starting to get dark as we made our way through the most haunted places in this historic city. Our guide not only took us above ground but also below; deep into the Edinburgh underground and some very spooky places. This was a perfect way to end the night. Now onto an adventure we are most looking forward to after a long day; sleep.
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Ghosts and Ghouls nighttime tour t…
Ghosts and Ghouls nighttime tour …
A plaque outside of the Chinese Bu…
A plaque outside of the Chinese B…
Fort Augustus, Scotland overlookin…
Fort Augustus, Scotland overlooki…
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