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View of Blarney Castle from the front landscape area.
So, for those that didn’t read my late post on our adventures of Dingle, entitled “Ireland Cliffs - Warning! No Guard Rails!”, please go back and read that first. Again, I apologize by posting yesterday’s journal entry today but we were without Internet access yesterday in Blarney. Now, onto today!

We are now truly bored with the Full Irish Breakfast as it is almost the same as what we were served in England and Scotland. The meal consists of a pudding of minced meat, back bacon (different then American bacon), runny scrambled eggs, sausage, toast, and tea. We have been lucky to be served an option of Kellogg’s cereal which has sustained our hunger while abroad.
The first person to kiss the Blarney Stone on July 24, 2007 - Shannon (me)!
The lack of a change in morning meals did not stop my excitement today as we checked out of the hotel early and headed across the street to the Blarney Castle to kiss the famous Blarney Stone! With luck, we were the first ones on line and although the climb to the top of the Blarney Castle was not for the faint-hearted, we ventured upwards and to the stone. Somehow, by some sheer change in wind, Greg decided this would be the best time for him to develop my fear of heights and start becoming a bit lightheaded during the summit and at the top of the castle. Ironically, I believe he took my fear of heights for that brief moment in time as I lost all sense of my fear and eagerly strutted over to the old man waiting to lower me to a kiss I have been longing for much of my life. As I leaned over backwards, my fears were gone and all I cared about was Greg getting a good picture.
The view north from the top of the Blarney Castle.
*laugh* I was the first one to kiss the Blarney Stone on July 24, 2007 and what a kiss it was!

We slowly made our way back to solid ground, walked around a bit, and bought water for Greg. It seems it was his slightly elevated sugar levels and the lack of hydration that caused the shaking but as he never had plans on kissing the stone, there was no loss.

Some major shopping was our next step and I will not go into details of our wonderful overseas gifts but will tell you that our credit card now has some deep scratches in it from being used so many times. It is not bleeding at this time but should remain safe as we do not have any plans of turning those scratches into gashes. *wink*

It took only 10 minutes to get to our next hotel in the city center of Cork at the Jury’s Inn.
An ancient tree in Rock Close at Blarney Castle - where the witches used to practice magic.
Upon arrival, and finding a free parking spot in a very crowded city, we headed to Grand Parade Street and the English Market. The smells in that place are overwhelming and the foods are so fresh that is makes me wish our hotel room had a kitchen in which to prepare some of those mouthwatering foods.

Coming to Cork was more than a sightseeing spot but rather this city is a direct link to my family. You see, my family name is Mahoney and my ancestors emigrated from Cork back in the late 1800’s. Therefore, it was important for me to come back here and I thank my wonderful husband greatly for helping me realize this dream. Due to all his white-knuckled driving and being at my side along the way, I have opened the door for him to go golfing tomorrow in Cork. He tees off tomorrow at 9:00am and while he will be partaking in the greens of Ireland, I will be sitting at a small coffeehouse somewhere with Mr. Harry Potter and taking in the culture once experienced by my family.
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View of Blarney Castle from the fr…
View of Blarney Castle from the f…
The first person to kiss the Blarn…
The first person to kiss the Blar…
The view north from the top of the…
The view north from the top of th…
An ancient tree in Rock Close at B…
An ancient tree in Rock Close at …
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