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Damn you, Naf-Naf!
Today was our last full day in Paris!!! That was sad. Since Easter Monday was over we wanted to go shopping. We also had to do EVERYTHING else we’d wanted to do in Paris all today. It was exhausting.

We got croissants, palmiers and orange juice from this place that one of Mary’s friend John used to work at and ate it in the park outside Saint Eustache. It was pretty early in the morning, so we were about the only people out there, aside from this dumb group of kids on a field trip who asked us to take their picture and then made fun of us. Whatev.

We thought we could go shopping around the area, but nothing was open anywhere. We walked A LOT trying to find stores open, but nothing was open until 11:30.
Ready for shopping. This is our "Let's get 'em" picture.
11:30! At the end of Etienne Marcel, we found a cul-de-sac that had a big statue in it. It was a neat little area to come across. There was this store, also on Etienne Marcel, called “Naf-Naf” that we really wanted to go to because it had some nice looking clothes in the window. Again, we had to wait until 11:30.  

So we went to this crêpe place that, as usual, Mary knew about that we think was called La Dentelle Chantilly (which translated to something like whipped cream lace, or some such). We got there pretty much right after it opened, which was about 11:30. There was no one in there, and we kind of felt bad about that. We got a crêpe with chicken and and basil crêpe called “la supreme,” and the “belle helen” dessert crêpe with pears and chocolate.
This is how Mary feels about our last night in Paris
They were both very, very good. Crêpes are full of love.

FINALLY after an early lunch, Naf-Naf had opened, and we didn’t even end up buying anything. LAME.

We moved on to Les Galleries Lafayette, which was fortunately open. I bought a dress. And a shirt at Lafayette. Probably spent too much money, but how awesome is it to be able to say, “Ah, yes, I bought this in Paris?”

Then we went back on the metro to try to see if falafel was happening. Still no falafel. Passover must be really long. So, so sad. Mary was so sad. I hope in the future I will get to have the infamous falafel.

After that we went to Les Halles and some other places around the hotel.
I looked everywhere trying to find red shoes, but no success. Mary found a neat, inexpensive watch, though. Shopping takes a lot of energy, so we decided, against our best judgment, to eat at some place by Pompidou, which is totally touristy, but we were starving. It was kind of expensive, really slow, and the food was not good. Mistake. But at least we got to sit down.

Then we went home and packed so we wouldn’t have to the next day, and watched more German MTV. Mary wore her new shoes to dinner. We also paid the hotel bill. The hotel bill situation was kind of awkward as the main lady who works at the desk had wrongly accused us of borrowing a hair dryer from the desk. She was pretty mad, but then pretended to be really nice again. I’m afraid of her.

For our last dinner in Paris together (well, for this trip at least), we decided to go to Le Pain Quotidien again. We got some of our old favorites... like the lamb, some great juice, a great pesto tartine... We also started with a sampler as an appetizer... there was a DELICIOUS sautéed eggplant and some pâtes and sun dried tomatoes... And we splurged on dessert... a raspberry tart thing... ahhhh so good. We had to stay for a really long time to be able to eat all this food. Our favorite waiter wasn’t there, but the new waitress, who couldn’t speak much English, which we liked (a challenge!), was very nice. Oh man, we were SO sad to say goodbye to that place. It was so good to us. We will go back someday, I hope.

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Damn you, Naf-Naf!
Damn you, Naf-Naf!
Ready for shopping. This is our L…
Ready for shopping. This is our "…
This is how Mary feels about our l…
This is how Mary feels about our …
photo by: Sweetski