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Belgrade is great fun. Diversity on a thin line. The city is a cultural event even if they hide the museums. The language is sylliric which makes it none easier. The country is poor therefore can’t afford banners hanging from the building indicating this is a museum. Another slight to Croatia… people in Croatia were “depressed” cause the tourist season is short and made it well known that come winter there would be famine. In Serbia I learned average Croatians make 800 euro, Bosnians and Serbs 300-400euro a month. Prices aren’t so cheap so I am amazed to see so many people day and night enjoying the cafes and restaurants that fill either side of the pedestrian street.  What I thought super cool was images of art were framed in the pedestrian zone for the people to appreciate because when a museum appears- it is under construction or half the building is empty.

That said, in Novi Sad, the best museum I have seen of Impressionist (the collection is of Serbian art only) is at the Pavle Beljanski (his collection) museum. The problem is Impressionism was over nearly 25-35 years when the vast of this was produced. Still way cool to see Serbian talent.  The curator gave me a tour cause… as I was lost, it seems Serbians too give up on finding art museums. Only I was there in the whole afternoon. Anywho,  the city of Belgrade is very fast, people moving, trams running, veggie markets in full swing and beer runith over. Every night but one I hung out with the tattoo artist next door to the hostel, hung out to 4am and drinking continually.
The one night we did not hang out, I went to the bar and hit it off with a girl. In the pics she’s trouncing another pursuer. Reminded me of my glory days, nothing better for ones ego than the pick up.  Too much alcohol started to dull the senses so I decided to quit for awhile. Today is the 5thday.    Food!! The food is meat and with no diversity- hamburger with ketchup or with tomatoes. Kebobs can come with 1 or all 5 sauces. There are other dishes but basically meat in a sauce.

Serbians are definetly angery with American government- basically hate our last good president- the honorable Bill C.  The general conclusion is… Milosovic was a mad man who was responsible for all the atrocities against Bosnia but the EU and America knew it all along.

They wanted the Muslims dead (not in the EU) and never wanted to see a united Slavic nation. If Milosovic had not the backing of the US in the beginning the Serbian people would have thrown him out in 92. Yugoslavia was once a very powerful country in Europe. But as pictures of Sarajevo were leaked to the press, the EU and America went the other direction- hell bent on destroying Serbia. Kosovo becoming independent of Serbia and the US bombing in 1998 just put an exclamation point on it. Many people talked very openly to me. The people are strong, gregarious, the young seem alittle lost on what is next. The 20-40 yr old Serbian is educated, fun, honest and intelligent but at wits end not making any money. I can see why Chicago has such a large Serbian population- hearty people!

Yesterday, I hitched from Skopje (the capitol of Macedonia).

The Greeks are feuding with  Rep of Mace.. cause Greece has a Macedonia of it’s own. This has led to a Greek embargo and a renaming of Mace… to Skopje by the Greek gov. Funny thing is all products in Greece are like 5times more than their neighbor so all the villages in the north go to Skopje to fuel, and buy goods. Doesn’t bode well for the Greek economy but the people acknowledge all this “if the gov. would just lower the prices…” So people get paid less than in Germany but the products in the supermarket are higher. In the poorer of the EU countries people always say “it was better before the EU”. I hitched in pretty easy and likely will do the same from Meteora to Athens.  Anywho, loving the cultures and interactions…

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photo by: EmEm