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'The Motherland Calls' at Mamayev Kurgan, 82 meters tall and once the tallest statue in the world.

Although I was young at the time I still have vivid memories of Volgograd, home to the awesome Mamayev Kurgan, a dominating statue built after the Second World War.
Its one of the tallest in the world (top 5 i believe).
Volgograd is known mainly for being a decisive battleground against the Axis, where heavy casualties on both sides were suffered but eventually the Russian's overcame the German's and forced them to retreat.

There are still parts of the city where buildings havent been touched since heavy fighting all those years ago and its easy to picture what the scene might have been like back in the 1940's.

There are plenty of museums to visit and one particular memory I have is of seeing a loaf of bread in a museum display cabinet, from 1940 something, that looked like a brick (as all Russian loaves do..) and was still as perfectly formed as it had been 60 years previous although with a little mould on it.

As well as the historic importance and atmosphere of the city, its flanked by the Volga, the largest river in Europe and is home to Sturgeon, so if you want to catch some caviar take a fishing rod.

More importantly if you're Scottish they sell Irn-Bru there. It was the first time I'd seen it sold since leaving Scotland 5 years or so previous.

Definitely worth visiting if you are in the vicinity, Mamayev Kurgan and the war memorial below it are spectacular.
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The Motherland Calls at Mamayev …
'The Motherland Calls' at Mamayev…
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photo by: syakirah