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11:00 PM

This day has been really long. We arrived in Hong Kong around Noon. Going to Hong Kong gave me another stamp in my passport. I guess Hong Kong is not a part of China. This is because for the last 99 years the British owned Hong Kong. Hong Kong is very different from China for this reason. Because of the British they drive on the left hand side of the road and the driver is on the right side of the car. They have all western style toilets. That is really nice.

We went to the hotel, which is actually very nice. Not at all what I was expecting. From what people were saying it seemed like we were going to be in really horrible rooms. The view from our room is amazing. It looks right down over the harbor. At the hotel we met up with the MAC students. Kassy is my roommate again. I love Kassy; she is so great I missed her. Athena was a great roommate too though. I have been so lucky. So the first thing we did was go to lunch. It was on this big floating restaurant. The biggest in China and one of the biggest in the world. It did not feel like we were floating. We had to take a boat to go out there. Lunch was ok. I did not really like it though. I think I am just getting sick of Chinese food. I am sure I would like it still if I had not had so much of it already.

After lunch we got on smaller boats and took a tour of the old fishing village. It was really neat. These people actually live on the boats. Our tour guide was telling us that many of the older people have never set food on land. It is a superstition with them. They were born on the water so they live and die on the water. If they leave the water it is very bad luck. That has changed now for the younger generations because it is required of them by law to go to school. It was a really nice tour. It just felt good to be out on the water. Especially because it is really hot and humid here so the wind felt really nice I can not describe how humid it is, it is doing awful things to me. Let me put it this way…my hair looks like Monika Gellar’s from FRIENDS when she went to Barbados in the 8th season. It is so frizzy I don’t know what to do with it.

After we left there we did some shopping. They took us to a place called Stanley’s Market. I did get some shopping done, but I am having a hard time finding something I like for Grandma Tommy, Dave, John, Teresa, and Rhonda. It is really annoying because tomorrow is my last day to shop. I am running out of time. I should learn not to be so picky.

After shopping we went up to Victoria Peak. It looks down over a good portion of Hong Kong. But it was hard to see very much from up there because it was really foggy. From the top of Victoria Peak we took the cable car down to the bottom. It was very steep, but the view was amazing, at least if would have been if a bunch of guys had not thought it would be fun to stand up and try to balance themselves the whole way down. They completely blocked my view. It was still a fun ride.

Next we went to dinner which was a really good thing because I was starving and it was already 8pm. Dinner was only ok, though they did serve a really good dissert. It was hot coconut milk with what I think were tapioca balls. It was really good. After dinner some people took the bus back to the hotel, but me and a couple others followed Dr. Moore and took the Star Fairy home. It was beautiful. All the buildings looked magnificent from out on the water. We did not get back to the hotel until almost 10pm. I am really tired. We discovered that if you ask housekeeping they will bring a blow-dryer to your room. So we got one. I can’t wait to use it tomorrow. I know I will still be frizzy, but it will help a little.



11:30 PM


This is the first opportunity I have had to write all day. This was the last day of our trip. Today has been so busy. The morning started out kind of funny. Crystal, Kassy, Kate, and I decided to just quickly walk down the street to Starbucks instead of waiting in the lobby of the hotel for everyone to show up. So Dr. Porter told us we could go. We got our drinks, stepped outside and realized it was pouring. Now, we are all dressed nicely in our business clothing because we were on our way to a meeting. The meeting was just across the street and down a bit so we were going to walk there. So it’s raining and we were running back to the hotel where we would meet them at the crosswalk. As we are running we hear Dr. Moore calling our names from across the street. They had all started over. So we run even faster back down the street trying to find a crosswalk (and we are trying not to spill our drinks). We could not find the crosswalk though because it turned out to be in the air. We had to walk up a bunch of steps and cross over the street. So we finally caught up with everyone and we were really wet. Kassy lost her drink because it kept spilling and it burnt her hand a bit. I still had mine and enjoyed every sip of it. That drink was worth the adventure.

The meeting we had was very nice. It was in a nice Restaurant. We were put at 2 big tables in a private room. The man giving the presentation, Francis Iwasawa is actually a graduate from St. Martin’s University. He is originally from Japan but is a very successful business man in Hong Kong. He gave a presentation on the history of Hong Kong and some other things. It was a really long talk, and I feel bad, but I zoned out a few times. He is a really nice guy though. He paid for all our lunches. It was an 8 course meal. It was good but I am finding that I like less and less of the meals as we go along. I notice that because Hong Kong is an island they are serving a lot of seafood here and I really do not like seafood.

After that meeting and lunch we had another meeting at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. That was another boring meeting. The one really cool thing that was going on while we were at the meeting was a big thunder and lightning storm. The thunder would shake the windows a little and it was really loud. After that last meeting we went back to the hotel for a few minutes to change then we met with a group of students from the Hong Kong University. They came to take us out. I was in a group of seven. Our students were Florance and Apple. They were both so sweet. Both were in their 40’s. I know one is married and has 2 kids. They were very friendly and talkative. We told them that we wanted to go shopping at a market because most of us still had gifts we needed to buy and so far I had not even bough very much for myself. So they took us on the subway to the Ladies Market. This was the first time I went crazy shopping. Most everything I am bringing home is from there. They had all kinds of stuff. They do not like to bargain as much as in China, but if you look like you really want to buy something, and then start to walk away you can usually get them to lower the price. This trip has made my bargaining skills a lot better. I am not as shy about it as I used to be. Anyway, we had a really great time at the market.

When we were all done we got back on the subway and went to another part of Hong Kong. For dinner we went to the Hard Rock Café. That was really great. We ate American food and talked and took pictures and just had a ton of fun. It was so nice to relax for a while. It seems like this whole trip we have just been on the move. The music at the Hard Rock is really great too. I think we spent about 2 hours there. The students invited us to go out with them for drinks at another place, but we were so tired and we all still had to pack and wake-up call is set for 5am. So we said no. They still went out though. They walked us to the fairy and then left. So we took the Fairy back to the island that our hotel is on. It was a much better ride than yesterday because there were no clouds and fog and so the view was much more spectacular.

The evening was nice because right after all our meeting it stopped raining so we were not getting soaked while shopping. It was just very hot and humid. By the time we got back to the hotel I felt so slimy and sticky (yes at the same time) I took a really long shower. Then Kassy and I ordered room service. We each got a slice of Cheesecake. It was really good. We set up Kassy’s laptop and watched Night at the Roxbury while we ate. That is a good movie. Also while we watched we repacked our suitcases. I ditched a lot of stuff and was still surprised at how much I could still fit in the bag. Now I have to sleep.



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