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so today we totally got conned into going on this nasty tour of old beijing. on the tour flyer thing, it said that it was 100 yuan for a trip to the great wall, transportation lunch included. that sounded like a STEAL so me and abe signed up for it.

little did we know that they also wanted to bus us around to a jade factory, a roasted duck/dried fruit factory, a shady acupuncture place, and a broken down amusement park. we spent most of the day listening to other people in the bus complain about being tricked too.

still, it was a great day. lots of good moments. i even bonded with some taiwanese people on the bus.

spent the evening sitting in tianamen by myself just people watching (abe likes to spend his evenings in the hotel with batman, the animated series). it's great being here.

i went to the zoo yesterday to check out the chinese pandas. these pandas aren't even white - they're yellow and black, probably b/c of all the pollution in beijing. i went at the wrong time though, b/c all the animals were sleeping. except for the black bears. they were humping like they were the last animals on earth. the female was actually running away after a while. but anyway, i'm still not sure how i feel about animals in captivity. some of the cages that the animals were in are smaller than my bedroom. sigh, stupid adam and eve.

at night we went to the famous houhai bar street and sat at a bar called Shut Up Just Drink. i wanted to go to a club, but no one else wanted to. i'm sad that i didn't get to see how the beijingers do it on the dance floor. another time i suppose.

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photo by: Deats