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So,you're in Greece,and want to feel like a pure,100% greek for a while?Well,(if you're totally sure) here are some valuable tips!
1.Drinking "frappes"-20 points. It's the essence of greek life..But you must be brave to drink it..Those who are not used to strong coffee beware..It can leave you with shaking hands,legs,etc!!(Been there,done that!!)
2.Playing backgammon-25 points.Extra 10 points for managing to beat a native greek.
3.Sitting at a cafe for 3-5 hours(!!Yes,it's true,we can sit at a cafe for more than 5 hours..)-25 points.Extra 15 points for doing all this at the same time:sipping the same frappe during the 5 hours(no self respecting greek will order a new one),doing absolutely NOTHING(exept for playing backgammon)and blamming the government for everything.
4.Going to the "Bouzoukia"(greek nights with live singers putting on a show)-25 points.Spending 300 euros and more at one night-plus 25 points!
5.It's Tuesday morning.It's HOT.What will you do?a.Go to work.b.Quit and go to the beach.c.Call in ill,and go to the beach(and probably meating your boss there!Don't worry,he'll probably buy you a drink!).
a-minus 20 points.
b-5 points
c-25 points.<--The official word for your behaviour is "Loufa"!!
Oh,and you should definetely go to one of the beaches that are close to Athens,where you pay to enter,and where it's sooo crowded!Nooo,don't drive additional 15-20 minutes to the free,cleaner beaches!Remember,you want the greek way!!
6.If you're driving:20 points for not paying attention to the road signs and the pedestrians.Extra 15 points for talking with the other drivers in a way your mama wouldn't approve! (especially if they're women,who are supposed to be bad drivers,or that's what the guy drivers claim!!Or doesn't this happen all over the world?:))
7.If you'e a guy you could live with your parents until you're 30 or more!!You'll get 30 points for that!!

And of course you get 70 points for being friendly,welcoming,laid-back,and not caring what the rest of the world thinks about you!!Just enjoying life and your sunny,beautiful country!!With a frappe in one hand and the dices in the other..

So,you have 100 points?..Naaa,who's counting??It's hot,and the sea is calling!!

globalodyssey says:
any points for crashing my motorcycle in aghios nicolaos with new greek friends?
Posted on: May 21, 2009
georgeandrew says:
Posted on: Feb 08, 2009
portia says:
great tips and blog! I will be visiting Athens in early September, want to call in sick to show me your hometown? or we can just have a travbuddy meetup in Athens.
Posted on: Feb 16, 2008
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