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During July 2011, I took a family holiday to Spain’s southern coast, about an hour from Malaga and 45 minutes south of Granada. There isn’t really much to tell you about this, friends, as it was spent mostly laying in the sun in a rented private villa but I’ll waffle on for a little anyway and you can look at the pictures. I think I’ll cover the city of Granada separately, as there is more to say about this fantastic city.

So aside from drinking enough to sink a battleship (what sort of villa comes equipped with 8 bottles of various hard liquor?) and the extremely hairy drives up the small, cliff road with little to stop you going off the edge in my rented Seat Leon RX, we did also pop into the local towns for a bit.

Salobrena was the nearest town and frankly, like Almunecar and Motril nearby, there isn’t much to shout about. Essentially standard coastal towns although Salobrena and Almunecar both had Moorish forts on the hills overlooking them as something of a historical attraction (Salobrena’s was better). Almunecar also had a Roman aqueduct and Cathigian salt works but you’d hardly travel across the world for that. Really, they were fairly ugly towns so I spent more time in the villa topping up my tan and swimming. We also went to the night market at Motril which was kinda lame really. It was big in size but nobody sold anything halfway decent, a far cry from the various weird and wonderful things I saw in Kowloon earlier in the year.

Besides these little things and getting mild poisoning from a dodgy steak in a restaurant which I will later pan in a review, it was a quiet holiday. Possibly because at an average temperature of 35 degrees, I really do not fancy doing much of anything. I have also concluded that the Spanish do not understand the concept of desserts. If you go to Spain, or at least this part of it, have a starter and then a main unless you like paying way too much for those little frozen desserts you can buy in Tesco for about £1.10. However, the ice-cream parlours are not bad. But then what sort of fool can screw that up? You’d be surprised. I’m not sure if this is an endorsement of any sort or merely ramble anymore but the weather is nice, the people aren’t bad and the food is reasonable so I guess you can’t ask for much more. Aside from the possibility that the swallows are less suicidal, perhaps.

That’s it, I’m out. Enjoy the photos, escape from reality for a while. Disappear Here.

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