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This was Gooch Falls thru the trees

Out next stop would be another couple of hours so we stopped for lunch at around noon filled the car with gas again.  Today it was only $2.959 per gallon so we told the attendant to top it off.  J 


The next stop was for Gooch Falls, near Marion Forks, Oregon.

Any closer and I could have fallen down the slope
  We found the little side road that lead back into the forest, but ran beyond the side turn-off which didn’t have a number sign on it.  These tiny gravel and dirt roads lead off into the woods for miles and they are designated by the National Forest service with numbers so they can be properly identified.  There is supposed to be a marker post at the intersection with the number or sub-number showing.  Once beyond it is nearly impossible to turn around and if you should meet someone coming the opposite direction somebody has to go in reverse to a point where it is wide enough to get around.  Well, to make a long story even longer, we did turn around.  We got back down to where the sub-road/trail went off and tried to make our way up that one.  It really was more of a trail than road.  Freshly cut trees and branches and stones to miss.  Again, we went too far up.  So we slowly reversed back down to a wide area that resembled a parking area (not really) and tried the directions from the internet there.  It had said the trail may be overgrown or hard to find at first, and it was.  Then it said that the trail would lead to a steeper slope which ended up with a very steep descent where a rope was provided to help you get down and back up.  We never found the rope.  And it was way too steep to go down without.  It was listed as being 80 feet tall and 100 feet wide and you could tell there was plenty of water just from the sound.  So we got two pictures through the trees and made our way back to the car.  Bummer.

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This was Gooch Falls thru the trees
This was Gooch Falls thru the trees
Any closer and I could have fallen…
Any closer and I could have falle…
Even the directions said it was da…
Even the directions said it was d…
Marion Forks
photo by: Hummingbird