Week 22: Decking the halls with "Shilver Bells"

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Let the construction begin!

I was glad to hear that Koreans celebrate Christmas, a practice that first started in the 1950's during the American occupation.  I couldn't wait for Christmas carols, cookies, colored lights and beautifully adorned trees.  Unfortunately this was not the case.  Even though there is a surprisingly large population of Christians in Korea, really the only decorations could be found in shopping malls and bakeries with holiday-themed merchandise.  The many churches throughout Gwangju recognized the holiday with huge strands of thousands of blinking colored lights draped from the the top of steeple to the lowest level creating the illusion of a Christmas tree.  It was hard to get in the Christmas spirit this year since I'm so far from home.

Finished products.
  The only Christmas "carols" I heard were while I was shopping at E-Mart (the Korean Wal-Mart).  I was excited to hear familiar holiday tunes but I couldn't help but giggle when I heard the korean pop stars belting out "Have a Horry Jorry Christmas" and "Shilver Bells, Shilver Bells."  It was a flashback to the Christmas movie classic, "A Christmas Story" when the family has Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  So wrong yet so funny.

Our friends who have spent several previous Christmases in Korea helped spread some holiday cheer by organizing a few holiday events like a Christmas-themed Live Music Night and a Gingerbread house party.  All of the girls got together at Vanessa's for a few hours of cookie creations.  Mostly we ate the decorations but we gave it the old college try.  Sadly our houses did not stay together for long.  Instead of the traditional frosting/mortar we should have used superglue :)

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Let the construction begin!
Let the construction begin!
Finished products.
Finished products.
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Looks aren't that important, I wa…
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Later that night Justin started t…
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