Week 2: Cuttlefish and Corporal Punishment

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The cuttlefish, a sea creature that uses its tentacles to catch its prey. Apparently it's a very popular snack in Korea.

It's been pretty darn hot the last few days.  Temperatures have been in the high 80's but it's been really humid too.  Last night Justin brought home another fan from his boss (thank goodness!) and we now have a DVD/VHS player, a remote for the TV and the DVD player, and our own cell phones.  It's nice to have some of the little things that we tend to take for granted back in the States.


Apparently Mr. Shin is very happy with my work already because yesterday he said that if the school continues to prosper he would really like to renew my contract for another year.  I've only been a teacher for a week!  I guess I'm that good :)  I told him it's possible that we might stay but I also explained that Justin and I want to go back to school for at least 4 more years.

What a wonderful movie!


Among other news Justin and I just saw HP 5 on Sunday the 22nd.  It was fantastic, I loved it!  The whole Korean theater experience was very different.  Of course all of the movie names at the box office were in Korean so Justin and I just waited for the movie poster images to come up then we read the times really quickly :)  Under the list of concessions were:  popcorn, soft drinks, snacks, and CUTTLEFISH.  Hey, who doesn't like chomping on a nice chewy cuttlefish while they're chillin at the movie theater?!  We also had assigned seat numbers on our tickets.  I didn't think people actually followed those, the theater was enormous, but as luck would have it just as the movie was starting a group of 5 came and it turns out we were sitting right smack dab in the middle of them.

Say hello to our little friends... These bad boys are used to discipline the children. And no, Justin and I haven't used them on anyone-yet.
...oops!  So we moved to our assigned seats and throughout the movie a little boy was resting his head on the back of Justin's chair, breathing right into our ears and making comments.  Unfortunately I didn't know how to stay "stop it" or "sit down" in Korean so I put my arm on the back of Justin's seat and tried to block the kid's view.... and of course, the little booger wasn't deterred for a moment.


Here's another interesting thing that happened this week:  I was teaching a group of 11 year olds one afternoon when we started hearing loud voices and chairs being pushed around. I told my class I'd be right back after I checked out what was going on.  I looked into the next classroom and 3 of the troublemakers from my first high school class were clowning around, and 2 of them were rolling around on the floor wrestling and banging into desks.  I chewed them out then told one of the Korean teachers what had happened.  Not half an hour later I heard another strange noise in the next classroom.  I was about to go chew the boys out again but I happened to peek out into the hall and 2 of them were standing at attention.  Later I found out that the punishment for misbehavior is to stand with your hands raised above your head for 5 minutes... while you're beaten with a bamboo pole!  That's the first time I've witnessed corporal punishment in action.  Normally I'd feel bad but those clowns knew what they were in for!  I've decided that if I'm going to maintain discipline and order in the classroom I better starting walking around with a very big stick :)


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The cuttlefish, a sea creature tha…
The cuttlefish, a sea creature th…
What a wonderful movie!
What a wonderful movie!
Say hello to our little friends...…
Say hello to our little friends..…
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