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Today I went to the United Nations Headquarters.  It was weird to see the World Trump Tower opposite (which seemed rather boring and ugly).  There were loads of flags outside, apparently when there is good weather all member states flags are put outside in alphabetical order. 

The tour was good, we were able to see all of the main chambers.  The Security Councils room was a lot roomier than you would think, and it was surprising to see that all of the seats and chairs are still the originals from the 1950s.  I don't know there was something about seeing the chambers that was bizarre, some seemed rather small and not as grand as you thought they would be, then the smaller ones seemed larger than you would think.  There was quite a lot of rt work that has been given to the UN over the years.  Though the one that really impressed me was the ivory piece that was donated by the Chinese.  It was so intricate and it took 7 artists to complete it. 

Though at the same time there was some artwork there that personally wasn't to my taste.  But I love the little UN bear that I bought.  He's blue and really sweet I thought that I would name him Kofi.  The one snag was that the carrier bag for the stuff we bought at the shop turned my hand blue where the ink came off.  So my hands looked like I was a closet smurf.  Not a good look.  The best thing was that although the UN is on the east side beacuse of the way that everything is in blocks, it was easy enough for us to walk there.  That is one good thing about New York, with ecerything being in blocks it is so easy to get everywhere and actually is quite difficult to get lost.  Though despite me saying that I bet that I manage to do so at some point.

To get there we walked past the diamond district.  I don't think that I have ever seen such a long row of jewellery shops.  They were just endless and they kept on going.  Looking in the windows I began to wonder how they all kept in business beause with a lot of them what they were selling and what was in the window all seemed to merge into one. 

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