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On our last day Elizabeth had planned an action-packed 'mop-up' itinerary of all the things we hadn't yet had time to do. The idea was to get up early and go and meet a friend of hers who re-built the fortifications on the coastal tip essentially 'for something to do', to go to an arts and crafts gallery run by another friend, to go shopping for all the goodies we wanted to take home with us, to go to the town museum and see the film of Bodø's history, and finally to go swimming!

Unfortunately the previous night Elizabeth, Stein-Rune and Dad had attended an annual Christmas party attended by a number of their friends and local dignitaries and didn't wake up till midday so an emergency priority list of activties was drawn up and we headed out to do shopping.

We wanted to pick up some elk steak, having loved it once before in UK after Dad brought some back from a previous visit to our friends when they lived in Stavanger. Out of season it is atrociously expensive, £40 for a large steak. We also bought some frozen haddock and some gravadlax seeing as it is a coastal town. You'll find that everything smoked in Norway is far more smoked than we are accustomed too. Personally it's a bit much, but Dad loves it. Lamrull came home with us too; a similar thing to sliced ham but of lamb instead of pork. It is delicious, but difficult to get used to as you expect quite a different flavour when you put it in your mouth. And then some Arctic Cloudberry alcoholic juice (looks like Red Square) which apparently mixes well with mead, though I have yet to try it.

Next it was off to the fortifications. If you didn't know that these fortifications were created solely to entertain a bunch of local men who simply enjoy the macho past-time of firing cannons then you might think they'd stood there since war time. You'd be wrong of course. They have pain-stakingly dragged hundreds of stones and rocks up there to create the fortifications, not to mention about 10 cannons and guns, some of which still fire. Officially they're not allowed to fire them because of the military base, but there is some suspicion that they've just never yet been caught red-handed! They have also created an underground room replete with heating, a kitchen, and they are currently in the process of building a WC and shower room. They use this room for loud drunken parties where they can't disrupt anybody.
How thoughtful....

We also popped along quickly to the town museum which was closed for Christmas but which was kindly opened to us by the curator as a personal favour to our host. The film of the history of the town is excellent and I strongly advise anyone visiting to see it. It is astonishing to see how it has grown from a fishing town to a thriving development and then how it was devestated when it was bombed for no apparent reason in the 1940s.

Finally we went swimming at the local pool. After so much rushing around and cerebral activity this was welcome. The pool was very much like a small version of Center Parcs; more of a waterworld activity place with aquazooms and slides than a UK boring rectangular pool. However, even before we got in there were already differences to be ringed, and in retrospect we're glad we had Elizabeth with us as we would have made mistakes otherwise!

When you arrive you pay in advance for what you want to do; i.
e. just swimming, or swimming plus spa. The 3 adults chose swimming + spa! We were then issued with a wristband which is electronically preset to allow you into certain areas, so if you have spa unrestricted you can enter at will, otherwise you can't. You also buy food and drink with this wristband, which is a bit dangerous as you have no idea how much you're spending till you get back to the desk on exit!

Just beyond the paydesk there are tiny lockers to leave your valuables in, such as mobiles, wallets etc. You then go into separate changing rooms as normal, but when you go in you'll notice a line painted on the floor just past the entrance. This is where you should leave your shoes! Once in the changing rooms you change out of your clothes.
Don't bother about being self-concious, there's no point since you have to have a wash in the communal shower naked before you dress in swimming costume! Once clean you may then enter the swimming pool in your cossie.

We had a lot of fun in the pool, on the slides and aquazooms racing one another round the rapids. When we wanted to escape the noise we went upstairs to the spa and enjoyed the turkish baths, the herbal and rose quartz humid saunas and also the typical scandinavian dry sauna. Before we simply had to leave we grabbed a few minutes in the outside jacuzzi where the warm water and cold air collided for wonderful relaxation. We wished the sky would bless us with some Aurora Borealis to finish off our stay but it wasn't to be sadly. Reluctantly we left the swimming centre and returned home to pack for an early flight next day after a lovely Christmas in Norway.
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photo by: CFD